Thursday, July 3, 2008

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

On June 3rd, my little nephew Dylan turned ONE! It is amazing how much he has grown. His entrance to this world gave us quite a scare. I am just thankful that he is healthy, and Cathy is still around to take care of him.
On June 12th, Shawn had his 30th birthday! We surprised him at work, and took him out to lunch. Afterwards we decorated his car...we didn't get to finish it as much as we wanted because it was so hot outside...but the kids still had fun. He got to come home to a comfy recliner. (Our old one broke a few years ago, and we never replaced it.) In honor of turning are some fun things about him!

  1. He has to either cover his eyes or walk out of the room when there is an awkward situation on the TV! It makes me laugh because he honestly can't stand it. If he has the remote in hand he will try to fast forward through it. This is also why he can't handle American Idol or almost any other type of reality show.
  2. He has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. I always thought he should try out for A.I., but the only problem is he has a hard time remembering lyrics. When he was in H.S. he had a solo in a choir competition. He forgot some phrases so he just made up something instead. It would have been fine except one of the judges was the actual composer of the song!
  3. I can't help but laugh when he dances. He isn't really a bad dancer, but he does have some goofy moves.
  4. He is a great debater. He loves all things politics. If you want to have a great discussion...he is always game.
  5. I have loved watching him grow as a father. He is a great dad, and our kids adore him. They especially love swim time with Dad.
  6. Once when we were dating he was following me home one night. We both had our radio tuned to the same station. When a swing song came on we pulled over and danced in the street.
  7. He is probably one of the most frugal person that I know. It has been something ingrained since he was young. His mom told me a story once about his elementary school teacher wanting to buy him some clothes. The teacher was under the impression that their family was in some sort of financial hardship because of things Shawn had said. It can be frustrating sometimes, but he helps keep my spending in check. I also know we will always be provided for.
  8. He is a very hardworker. He puts 100% in everything he does. He likes to help out wherever he can.
  9. Shawn is an open book. He is very blunt and always says what is on his mind. This was great while we were dating because I knew there were no 'games' being played. The trait has also gotten him in trouble though. I refer to it as 'digging himself a hole' because he doesn't always think before he speaks. I used to mime digging whenever his conversation started going nowhere. I still am on the look out for a shovel keychain. :)
  10. I LOVE that he has blue eyes and dark hair. Growing up I was in love with Eric from The Little Mermaid. I always said that I wanted to marry a guy with black hair and blue eyes like Eric, and I did! His eyes are so beautiful, and he has super long eyelashes that curl all by themselves!
  11. He is my computer guru. I wish I knew as much as he does. I probably would be a little bit better at troubleshooting, but now I don't even try. I know that he can figure out what is wrong, and fix it faster than I could.
  12. His favorite ice cream is Mint-n-Chip.
  13. He served his mission in Madrid, Spain, and loves anything that has to do with it.
  14. In the winter he likes our house cold, and in the summer he likes it hot. He claims that is what is 'comfortable', but I know it is just because is saves money.
  15. He hates shopping.
  16. He doesn't really care for chocolate.
  17. Patience is not his virtue. He hates waiting for anything.
  18. He loves watching Nova, and any type of 'learning' shows. I am bad...I just want to be entertained, not educated. :)
  19. Since I have a job with the airlines he HATES driving anywhere. We have only been on one 'roadtrip' since we got married, and that was because there was no airport nearby.
  20. Before we had kids he would come on the majority of my overnights. It was fun because we would have a 'date' in that city.
  21. In high school he had a car that they named 'The'.
  22. He will eat practically anything. I am so thankful he is not a picky eater. I am not a bad cook, but not gourmet by any means.
  23. When we were first married he landed the part of Sky Masterson in the play Guy's & Doll' he had to kiss another girl. Some people thought I was crazy to let him do it, but for some reason it didn't really bother me. In fact, she is a great friend of ours now.
  24. He graduated from "a private technical college"....that is what he would refer to when he was embarrassed to say he went to ITT Tech. Yeah, it wasn't ASU, but he got his bachelors, and he is making good money regardless. I just thought it was cute when he would say it.
  25. He doesn't like anything spicy. He has a very mild tongue and can't handle much 'heat' in his food.
  26. He has the cutest dimples! I hoped all my kids would get his far just my boys have gotten lucky.
  27. One of his favorite movies is Ocean's Eleven.
  28. He loves Sweet and Sour Chicken
  29. He is very competitive, but hates to lose. He hates playing games with me because I usually win.
  30. He is my best friend. I love him with all my heart, and am so thankful that he chose me to be his wife. I can't believe he is 30!

Oh...and by the is my birthday. I am now 29 years young. I plan on spending the day getting my freebies, and having some fun with my family! Birthdays are wonderful things!

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Heather said...

Happy Birthday to you and Shawn!

Tonya said...

Happy Birthdays to you both. I love the picture of the car! Looks like fun :)

Marquita said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Crystal! Hope you spoil yourself today!

Carl and Starla said...

Happy b-day to the both of you. It was great seeing you guys while in AZ. Your kids are getting so big & it was fun to see them play with my kiddos!

Elisa said...

That was a great birthday tribute to Shawn! He and Lewis share the same bday and some attributes..especially the $$$ ones! :)

Hapy Birthday to you, as well!!!!!

sherry said...

Happy Birthday! Hey, if you go to the keg agin, sign me up for my birthday. Sept. 28th. I'm gonna need something good this year. Thanks!

Christine@AreWeThereYetMom said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Crystal,
Happy Birthday to you!!

Hope you have a fabulous day!

My SIL had her baby at 9:00am this morning. I can't wait to see him.

Looks like Shawn had a wonderful day! That chair does look SUPER comfy!

Babystepper said...

He sounds like a fantastic guy, and Happy B-Day to both of you!

I am just like you described about awkward situations of TV. I plug my ears and cover my eyes and have my husband tell me when it's over.

Stina said...

happy birthday to you both!! i didn't know that your birthday was exactly a month before mine?! that's pretty cool :)

i hope you both have/had a fabulous day!

Melanie and Will said...

omg, Crystal I am such a BAD friend!!!!! I didn't remember your birthday is today!!!! Have a happy day and enjoy your freebies!!!!

Jenifer said...

Happy happy birthday! How many years will you be 29? Just kidding. Shawn sounds great. Love the story about pulling over and dancing in the street!

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! Oh my goodness, I did not know your birthday was today. I hope today was a special day for you. May this year be the amazing for you and your family.

tammy said...

Happy Birthday! It's my little brother's b-day today too! Hope you had a good day. And wow, that story about your sister - how scary! I had complications with my first. I didn't even realize how I could've died at the time. Good thing. Cute little boy she has.

Dendi said...

I hope you two had a great birthday! I can just see you guys dancing in the street. How romantic...quite a list of sweet things you have to say about your husband. Im right around the corner from turning the BIG 30 myself and am not too thrilled. :) I don't think it is half as bad for men. :)

Happy Birthday you two!!

Diaper Diva said...

OH!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope it was wonderful. You have a great guy there HAppy Birthday to him too! I love the decorate the car idea. I am going to use that one next year!:)

Candice said...

Happy Birthday Crystal, and to Shawn too! I have to comment on #7, I've known Shawn since I think 7th grade. There were many times that I wanted to buy him some new clothes too! I'll never forget 10th grade English class, we had A hour together and sat near each other. He wore this stupid Cone Heads shirt 2 or 3 times a week. I thought it was so dorky! But that was Shawn! He always makes me laugh,and I love how never takes life too seriously, he just has fun with it!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday!! To Everyone! We have birthday month at our house in July. Half the family's bdays are in July. Hope you had fun getting all of your freebies!

H said...

Well how cute is your little family?! I have loved catching up a bit since I found you from Jaylee's blog :) I'll finally comment since I learned so much more about Shawn than I ever did. I'll be obnoxious here and say that I only knew about his frugality and his crazy need to keep the air at 84 in the summer!!! You 2 have always been one of the cutest couples I have ever know. Happy belated birthday to you both and where is a Krispy Kreme?!

Andrea said...

Happy birthday to you & your hubby!!!

I love your fun tidbits about him!

My hubby went to DeVry. I'll tell him about the "private technical college"! That's funny :)

Sounds like you got yourself a KEEPER!!!

The Jones People said...

I found your site looking at birthday ideas and scanned down to the next post to see that your husband is thirty and served in madrid spain. My Brother served in madrid Spain '97-'99. They may not know each other at all, but maybe they do. My Brother would have been Elder Bryan Mortensen, just thought it was a small world sometimes!

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