Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2 - Birthday Freebies

My birthday turned out wonderfully. I don’t think I could have planned it any better. I took Caden to his swim lessons in the morning, and then headed off for lunch at Joe’s Farm Grill. My Mom, Michael (brother), Cathy (sister) & Baby Dylan, and my Aunt Sheri & Uncle Norm joined us. It was really nice to have them all come out to eat with me.

After we ate, we headed over to Costco to return some items, and then pick up some last minute things for our Annual 4th of July BBQ. My Mom, and Michael were with me so it was nice to have a little bit of help with the kids. Our drive home was pretty long so my kids fell asleep! It was wonderful! They transferred well to their beds, and I was able to relax a bit. That is a rare thing these days because Caden doesn’t really take naps anymore.

I got numerous phone calls & comments on this blog from friends all wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’…it really is great to feel loved! Once Shawn got home we planned on going to Joe’s Real BBQ for dinner, and met up with Julie & Robbie. Robbie had just quit his job where he had worked for the past 7 years in order to start his own business! If you live in AZ and need a good place to go for framing…I know just the place! I am really excited for him and his family. It is such scary yet exciting adventure. Robbie is so good at what he does, and it is awesome to know he gets to be out on his own now.

While we were there Shawn gave me his present! He took my advice from my last “Thursday Thirteen” and wrote me a letter, but also gave me a $200 budget to go out and buy myself some clothes! I am so excited to have a guiltless shopping spree!

Julie also reads my blog, and is going to take me to get a pedicure! It was fun to go by myself, but I can’t wait to go with a friend! Thanks Jules! You really are the BEST!

On our way home we stopped at Hollywood Video, and picked up a DVD. We rented The Fountain, and I wish someone would have told me how terrible it was! I think it is one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen! If you haven’t seen it…don’t waste your time!

So on that note, I wanted to let you know of Thirteen Different Freebies that are available on your birthday…or should I say the month of your birthday because some of these deals last all month long. I love it because I get to ‘party’ throughout the whole month…not just one day! I have to thank my sister, Nancy, for all the info. She sends out a email every year of a list she has compiled…it is fabulous! I have linked up to all the websites so just click over and register for their programs. They are location specific so make sure there is a location near you. If you live here in AZ you are lucky because all of these are available to you!
1. Joe’s Real BBQ: You have to go there on your actual birthday, and show your drivers license. You get your choice of sandwich, one side, a drink, and a piece of lemon or root beer cake for free! The food is fabulous, and the atmosphere is wonderful!
2. Joe’s Farm Grill: This is owned by the same people as Joe’s BBQ, but the setting and food are entirely different. The fun thing about this place is that it used to be an actual family farmhouse. They converted the place into a restaurant! They actually grow most of the stuff that is served in the farm located behind the restaurant. I just love everything about the place…even the bathrooms! You also have to go here ON your birthday, and you are given $10 off your meal!
3. Hollywood Video: They will give you a free movie rental on your birthday. We actually rent from Blockbuster because they are closer, but every year on my birthday we head on over for our free movie…it’s great!
4. The Keg Steakhouse: If you haven’t been to The Keg you are missing out! You have to go to the actual restaurant to sign up for their birthday club, but when you do they will send you a postcard that is good for the month of your birthday. It is good for a “Steak and Lobster Tail Dinner”, but they actually let you choose pretty much anything from the menu it is a $30 value!
5. Red Robin: Get a coupon for a free burger on your birthday. The great thing is you can use it for anything on the menu if you are not a burger fan!
6. Daphne’s Greek Café: Get a coupon for a free plate! This is a great little restaurant. The thing I like about this place is it is a quick order restaurant, but you get real silverware, and plates. Their food is really good, and relatively inexpensive.
7. Z’Tejas: Get a coupon for a free meal or $10 off your order!
8. Souper Salad: Get coupon for a free buffet to use within 7 days of your birthday.
9. Cold Stone Creamery: Get a coupon for your own “creation” for FREE.
10. Pasta Pomodoro: Get a coupon for a free entrée.
11. Baskin Robbin’s: Get a free ice cream scoop!
12. The Vine Tavern & Eatery: Will send you a coupon in the mail for $10 off your meal and it is good for the whole month! They have some really good wings that I got last time I was there.
13. Famous Daves: Join their Pig Club, and you will get a coupon for a SURPRISE birthday gift! ( It can be anything from a piece of birthday cake, an appetizer, some ribs or even An All American Feast!) When you bring it in to the restaurant they will tell you what you got! Either way you can’t beat their food! I don’t think I can say enough good things about it!

There is actually a ton more offers, but I thought I would list my favorites. If you would like the complete list just let me know, and I can email it to you. Birthdays are so much fun, and you deserve to celebrate for FREE!

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Wacky Mommy said...

I'm saving this list! Thank you!

Robin said...

I'm starving after reading that and my birthday is on Saturday. Think any of those places will deliver to Israel?

Suprina said...

What a great Thursday Thirteen you have done! Just wonderful. I too am saving this list!

The Wooden Porch said...

Thanks for the list! We don't have all those around here, but we do have a few!

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