Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th Recap!

We started our day off with a bang by having my family come over and watch our kids so that Shawn and I could go and see Transformers. We went to an early morning show, and it was awesome. I know alot of girls out there that have no desire to watch this film, but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was action packed, and exciting to watch on the big screen. It was nice to get away in the morning for a few hours.

While we were gone, my mother was nice enough to do my dishes and mop the floor. I love it when my house gets cleaned while I am away. We were having our Annual 4th of July BBQ at our house that evening, and my mom thought she would help out so that I would have less to do when I got home. Thanks Mom!

I spent the rest of the day getting ready for company. I cut up fruit for a salad, made homemade salsa, and did some last minute cleaning. I look forward to this Shindig every year. We had no idea when we bought our house 4 years ago that the nearby church held a huge event for the 4th. With us being so close, all we have to do is walk outside plant our camping chairs and enjoy the view. We have made it a tradition. Everyone brings their own meat and a side dish to share. We all get to have fun together, but don't have to be in a huge crowd or deal with the traffic. We absoloutely love it!

We had a great turn out this year with a mixture of friends, and family. We really had a great time. We ate grub, and those anticipating the upcoming premier of Harry Potter watched the last installment of the movie. (I personally can't wait for the last book, but I am just as excited for the movie). Once it was dark enough the fireworks started and we filed out our front door, and sat and watched the fireworks.

Sydney was a little scared at first, but then she relaxed and was able to enjoy some of the fireworks before she fell asleep. Robbie & Julie had brought some glow sticks for the kids to play with, and they had alot of fun shaking them and running around in the dark. Before we knew it the show was over, and everyone headed home. It was a fun filled evening surrounded by people I love!

I am so thankful to be a citizen of the United States. My life would be different if I lived elsewhere. We really are so blessed! I think I often take for granted the freedom that we have. It is nice to have this subtle reminder every year.

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Scribbit said...

We went to the parade but got there late and missed it. We went to the fireworks and caught the last five minutes. We were definitely off game today :)

Oh well, we were too busy having fun to be on time to anything.

kailani said...

Could you send your Mom over to my house? I have some mopping that needs to be done! LOL!

Glad you had a fun and safe celebration!

Lei said...

Our fireworks were rained out. Bummer, huh?!

Glad you had so much fun!

Bowman Family said...

What a fun time! Sounds like you all enjoyed yourselves!

Karyn Olson said...

I stole our fam pict from you!! Thanks for posting it!! And I honestly have never seen pict of fireworks turn out... those were amazing firework picts that you posted! Props to you for taking good pictures!

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