Monday, July 16, 2007

Before Her Time

I often wonder why some people have to die so young. This past weekend I went to a funeral for a sister of an old high school friend. Julie had told me on the 4th of July that Rebekah and some friends had been in a car accident. I didn’t really hear her right, and asked her if Bekah was going to be okay. That is when she said that she had died instantly. She had been thrown from the car, and then it rolled over her. My heart sank.

Rebekah is the youngest of 9 children. She is the same age of my youngest brother Michael – she would have turned 18 this August. Her sisters, Brooke & Jenna, were my good friends when I was in high school. I can still recall going over to their house numerous times, and being greeted by the ever so boisterous Bekah. She was a sweet girl. It had been years since I had seen her, but the news hit a chord.

Even though I didn’t know the “grown up” Bekah my heart ached for her family. I really felt the need to go to the funeral, and I am so glad that I did. They had a “wake” for a few hours before the actual funeral so I arrived early so I could pay my respects to the family.

I wasn’t ready for the emotions that filled my heart when I saw my old friends. Tears streamed down my face as I embraced them and their family members. There is so much I wished that I could say, but I knew there really was nothing that I could do that would make it better. I was amazed at how strong their family is. I then found myself a seat, and waited for the funeral to begin.

The Turley’s are a very musical family so the program was filled with many wonderful musical numbers. Bekah’s high school choir even performed a number. I was amazed at the attendance for this young girl. We laughed and cried as Brooke, Jenna, and Jessica (another sister) relayed little things about Bekah. She truly was a special girl with a zest for life. She was obviously loved by so many.

It always seems that those who are the most valiant. Those who have so much to offer…are the ones who are taken from us. I often wonder why that has to happen. I know they are in a better place, but it is so hard to see those they left behind. The pain that they have to suffer is great. I am thankful to have the gospel in my life because I feel that it at least helps to lessen the pain a little. The understanding that there is a greater purpose in this life is wonderful. To know that one day they will see their sweet Bekah once more is such a comforting knowledge.

If you can, please say a prayer for this family. They need all the strength they can get. You can also read more about Bekah at this website.

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Anonymous said...

hi crystal: thank you for writing this touching post. you really got to me and made me cry. i just said a prayer for those left behind. awesome how she touched so many lives in such a good way. wonderful that you were able to attend the funeral, too. i am grateful to have the Gospel, too. there's nothing to made sense of when people die, it is hard, but i think it, too, is easily knowing we have the Gospel and our remaining loved ones to cling to. i think death continues to remind us to cherish the special ones in our lives who touch our lives and make our days here so much better. we are back from our motorhome road trip, just got back middle of the night, but wanted to come over and tell you hi. come and see me. i wrote about a little bit of our trip moments. take care, kathleen :)

Anonymous said...

i meant to say "easier" not "easily." i'm wiped out from our trip and some of my words aren't coming out right.

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