Thursday, July 5, 2007

Last day of Swimming Lesson’s

Today was Caden’s last day of swim lessons at the public swimming pool. By the end of this 2 week session he has shown some improvement. I do have to say that I think that he would do much better in a semi-private environment. Next year when I get my mailer from Courtney (my neighborhood swim teacher) I will not hesitate to get my kids signed up. She is a little bit more expensive, but I feel that they learn soooo much more.

The last few days of the swim class they took the kids over to the “big” pool to practice floating, and other things that you can’t really do in the other pool. I remembered to bring the camera and took some photos of Caden. I really wish that they were in this pool the whole time because I think it was a lot more effective.

It was also nice because I was able to get a lot closer, and “cheer” Caden on. He seemed to try harder when he saw or heard me. Overall, I think that he had a fun time. It will be nice when he really gets the hang of it.

I do have to say that today was a little crazy. Sydney has been having such a hard time lately. She breaks down crying for no apparent reason. Some of the littlest things set her off. I think part of it is due to the fact that she is getting about 4 different teeth all at the same time. She has had only 6 teet forever. Today she was upset that she couldn't play with the camera. Then when we were ready to leave she had a massive meltdown. I had to carry her out kicking and screaming all the way to the car. Getting her into her carseat was another battle. This is her on her way home. What do you think I did with her when I got home? I think it is written all over her face! She was tired! Don't you think she has the cutest. chubby, little legs!? And no...her shirt isn't that just rode up after all of her fighting!

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Rosie said...

Poor little girl, she looks just miserable. It makes for a miserable mommy also. With all the playing of summer sometimes our little ones are taken so many great places that they just get too worn out. If her health is compromised anyway it is no wonder she is cranky.
Put in a good movie and try to just cuddle. I would love to do this-however, the messes just keep piling up around me!

Karyn Olson said...

Crystal -- I totally agree about the swim lessons, and I ended up not signing Kent up for the next session. Although it was fun to have something to go to, I didn't see a huge benefit of two more weeks of "getting use to the water". It was like a turtle's pace at actually learning how to swim. But it was fun seeing you!

Bowman Family said...

I would have to agree with the swim lesson thing. I put Jayne in at Kino just for one session. It made her brave enough to try things that I wanted her to at home. She is finally brave enough to listen to me so things have improved. It's hard when they are in that little pool trying to learn how to swim.
Both my kids are still in that wonderful "break into a tantrum for no reason" stage. I think the heat has a fabulous effect on them, don't you?
Good luck!!!

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