Saturday, July 7, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I think that this Saturday was one of the most productive ones that we have had in a long time. Well, my house is still a mess – so it wasn’t that type of productive, but we did a lot of things together today. It was so much fun to do so many things as a family. It really is something that we need to do more often.

It started off early as usual. My boys needed haircuts so we did that right away. I caught a quick shower, and headed over to a neighbors house for a song practice. There is about 5 of us girls who are going to be singing on Sunday. We went over the song a few times, and then I raced back home.

The night before we had tried to get our oil changed at Walmart, but they were closed before we got there. So we decided that we would go first thing in the morning. We would drop off the cars and walk down to the theatres. We figured once the movie was over the cars would be done. So we dropped off the cars by 9 am, and headed on over to watch Ratatouille.

The movie was actually quite entertaining. Caden really loved it. Sydney still needs some time before she will actually sit still for the whole thing. Shawn got a little frustrated because she wasn’t as cooperative, but we were able to stay for the whole thing.

Afterwards the kids were hungry so we stopped at Souper Salad for lunch. It is relatively inexpensive, and the kids are free! You really can’t beat that! Then we walked back to Walmart, did a little shopping, and picked up our cars. Sydney fell asleep while we were shopping. I never get over how beautiful, and peaceful my children look while they are asleep. I think I could stare at them for hours.

When we got back home, Shawn contacted his boss. They had invited us over to go swimming at their house. We hadn’t met them yet so it was a nice opportunity. Shawn really wanted to go so we packed up our things and went over there for a few hours.

It was nice to be able to meet their family. I am thankful that Shawn is finally working with someone that he feels that he can really connect with. Scott is a little bit older, but they really seem to mesh well. His family is nice, and his house is beautiful. We really had a good time.

From there we went over to the Brinton’s for Mason’s 6th Birthday party. I always love going over for Julie and Robbie’s family things. I think that they have one of the coolest families ever. It is fun to catch up on what everyone is up to, and just hang out.

This year Matt, Robbie’s brother (he also shares Mason’s birthday), brought one of those blow up water slides. Caden absolutely loved it. He went on it over and over and over. It makes me want to get something like that, but they are so expensive. At least it was a nice treat for him.

After we ate it was time to open presents and eat cake. Stacie, Julie's sister, made Mason the most awesome cake. Mason loves monster trucks, and so it was made like the arena. She made a treasure chest last year. I need to take some lessons from her because she is fabulous as making them!
Caden was sitting in a chair to watch Mason open his presents. Nanette had asked Caden to sit on the ground so the adults could sit in the chairs. I think that Caden got confused. Instead he followed her, and ended up here. Food really is on this kids brain 24/7!
Sydney found herself a new boyfriend. Usually Sydney can be really clingy and shy when there are lots of people around, but somehow Brian found a way to her heart. Brian is Julie’s younger brother, and he is such a cutie. He really took a liking to Sydney too. They were just chillin while Matt was enjoying one of his new toys – a remote controlled helicopter. I took a few photos of them while they were watching it fly around the room.
Near the end of the evening we were in the kitchen when we heard something hitting up against the window. It turned out to be a huge dragonfly. Mason loves bugs, and actually has a bug board, so Robbie went out to catch it. It did end up getting it, and even put it in a jar, but in the end they decided to let it go. I did manage to get a few pictures of it beforehand. I still can’t believe how big it was.
So as you can see. We had a really long day, but it was full of a lot of fun. I had such a good time doing things with my little family. I hope to have more fun filled days like this. It was so enjoyable. As if I didn't have enough pictures in this post...I thought I would add this last one. We went looking for Caden throughout the night, and at one point I caught him with these! He had taken them into another room so that he could have them all to himself! He is so sneaky sometimes.

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Katie said...

You guys did do lot that day! Sounds like a ton of fun!

Miss Niss said...

sounds like you had a great day!

Bowman Family said...

So fun! Good thing Sydney grabbed a nap at WalMart. It made me tired just reading about it! I am glad you had so much fun with your hubby and kids!

An Ordinary Mom said...

A busy day indeed! That water slide looks like something I would enjoy having :) !!

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