Thursday, May 24, 2007

High School Grad

Let me tell you a little about my brother. Michael is the 8th child to be born into my family. He really is a miracle. My mother had already had 7 children, and the youngest at the time was 6 years old. I think in my mom's mind...she was done having kids. She was 46 years old when she found out that she was pregnant with Michael, and turned 47 a few months before he was born!

I still remember when my parents told us that we would be getting another sibling. I think that we were all in disbelief. 18 years ago there were not many women that had children over the age of 40. Her doctor was a little concerned for my mom, and even recommended having an abortion because of the risk. My parents never considered it (for religious, and personal reasons.) and we are so glad that they didn't.

Having Michael in our family dynamic has been wonderful. He really is such a joy to be around. As I have watched him grow up, he really has become such a great person. It was so nice to be able to go to his graduation this evening and celebrate his accomplishment. He is such a hardworker, and has excelled so much in school. I really am going to miss him when he goes away for school.

Here are some pictures of the fun event!

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Babystepper said...

Congratulations to your little brother for being an overcomer! =)

My little brother wasn't planned either, and was almost really dangerous for my mom (She'd already had two old-style ceseareans) but none of us regret his coming along. He's been a lot of fun.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Wow, what a neat story. My mom had #6 when she was 34 and then #7 at 40 and twins at 43.

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