Monday, May 21, 2007

Apparently there are some things that I need!

This has been floating around for the last few days, and the curiosity got the best of me! I just had to see what my results were. All you have to do is go to Google and type in "[your name] needs". Then you pick out your favorites and post it on your blog. It can be very entertaining and funny. I even went as far to do my wants too!

Crystal needs a LOT of love - don't we all!

Crystal needs Your Donations - I could always use some more cash :)

Crystal needs improvement - I think I always will!

Crystal needs to spend a great deal of time in solitude - it is nice to have some time to myself, but I do like a good party with lots-o-people!

Crystal needs to sit in a super-saturated solution to continue growing - thank you...I have grown enough.

Crystal needs a family that can provide a stable, nurturing environment - I hope I can provide that for my children

Crystal needs to be in the salt water - I have never been a fan of the ocean. I love to look at it, but not to swim in it.

Crystal needs to be examined - Do I really appear that crazy!?

Crystal needs to know how loving couples interact - Is this a hint that I need to be nicer to my spouse?

Crystal needs your help - Yes, I do need help!

Crystal needs cleaning when it appears dusty or dull - I hope that I don't ever appear dusty or dull!

Crystal needs some protection - I have my man to protect me

Crystal needs to be perfect to sustain stress - I guess that I will never be able to sustain stress

Crystal needs to upgrade its sewage-treatment facilities -ummmm

Crystal needs to be seeking forgiveness and hopefully serious professional help - I guess that I am a bad girl!

Crystal needs to be investigated - what did I do wrong!?

Crystal needs to be positive and pure to serve its purpose - I am trying to be!

Here are my WANTS

Crystal wants to build permanent home with loving family
- I hope to be able to do this, but some days are harder than others

Crystal wants to meet 12 people - I want to meet more than 12 people! I love making new friends!

Crystal wants to know about engineering marvels in Tampa Bay - okay

Crystal wants to see an R-rated show - there have been many R-rated shows that I have wanted to watch. My religion recommends not to watch them. I have to admit that I have seen some, and most of the time I should have listened to the advice that I was given!

Crystal wants to be quietly meditating and reflecting on life - I don't think that I do this enough

Crystal wants her children to understand where they come from - this is probably one of the most important things for me. I want my children to be loved, and grow up knowing that they are loved by a Heavenly Father.

So now that you have read mine...go check out yours! Let me know if you play along, I would love to read about what you 'need'!

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An Ordinary Mom said...

This exercise on Google is very therapeutic and always creates a good laugh :) !!

Babystepper said...

My name is so weird that this game doesn't really work for me. The only things I get that would work are business solutions because there are a few businesses with my name. Like this:

****** needs to more fully understand its sustainability impacts to ensure that we are alert to potential risks.

I suppose I do want to understand my sustainability impacts, whatever they are. Especially if the pose potential risks.

Anonymous said...

hi crystal needs a lot of love! this was really cute what you did and found and wrote. see, i told you you'd get a kick out of doing this :) i so enjoyed doing this, too. i am with you, sister, on the salt water thing. i love to look at the ocean, but i don't really like being in it very far out from shore. probably because i almost drown when i was a kid. but i love being around water, streams, rivers, creeks, find them soooo peaceful to be near ... some of my favorite times to write are near water. oh, ramble sentence, sorry.

cool, glad you did this post, too. i enjoyed reading your stuff and i agree with you, i want to meet more than 12 people, too :)

come and see my post tonight, 24may. i posted about a contest give-a-way. come see :)

~blessings tonight girl :) kathleen

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