Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears...oh my!

Yesterday, I was selected to participate in a study, and went to go pick up the product that I would be using. Delve is located down the street from the Phoenix Zoo so I thought that we would go there while we were there. It was so much fun...I just wish that I would have brought my camera!!! The last couple of times that we have done things, I have forgotten it and have missed out on some great pictures!

I actually ended up getting a membership. I had gotten one a few years ago, but when the renewal came up I just let it expire. Now that Sydney is a little older she can really appreciate the fun that comes with visiting the zoo. It was a little hot, but not too bad. The zoo even has a little water area that the kids can play in. Caden didn't want play in the water this time, but hopefully he will in the future.

We spent a good part of the day there, and got lots of exercise walking all over the zoo. I really am looking forward to going there more often. I know it sounds crazy here in AZ where it gets so hot, but as long as we keep hydrated we can have alot of fun. It was so fun to see how excited they both were when they found the animal in each exhibit. It was like playing "I Spy".
We didn't get to see every animal, but we did see a fair share of them. It will be something to look forward to.

We also bought a Family Season Swim pass for the local pool. My kids have always been a little leery of the water, but with alot more exposure I hope they will like it a little more. We have signed up for swim lessons so they will be spending alot of time in the water! Maybe this year I will actually get a tan! I know it is not the best for you, but I look so much better with a tint. :)

I am trying to get some sort of routine down for me and the kids. I have decided that we really need to go do 'something' each day. You see, I am pretty boring. Besides getting out of the house to go the gym...we pretty much stay home. I have come to the conclusion that the reason why my house always seems like a train wreck is because we are home ALL THE TIME. I want to set something up so the kids always know that " Hey its Monday! We are going to _____ today. I figured we could go to the library, swimming, zoo. I am trying to think of other things, but would like to have one specific place where we will go each day. I figure that if we spend some time each day out of the will make it a little bit more manageable.

What are some fun things that you do with your kids?

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hestermom said...

Hey, you don't know me...I stumbled onto your blog through other people's that I know. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think your blog is great! (I have three kiddos...) The summer is also a great time for things like...On Wednesday, we eat lunch outside. So, even if you just have a picnic and run in the sprinklers or something at home, it's still fun! Happy Summer!

Anonymous said...

hi crystal: you cracked me up how you wrote, "you see, i am pretty boring." :) you're cool.

hey, idea for you. we did stuff like this when the girls were young, too. we also went on what we called "adventure walks." these were super long, like 5 miles, no kidding. it was great, it really tuckered them out and they slept good those nights, plus we got to see and explore neat things.

chow, kathleen :)

An Ordinary Mom said...

I am boring right along with you :) !! My husband and I both tend to be homebodies. However, this summer I am also trying to do something nearly every day with the kids: park, wading pool, zoo, Children's Museum, playdates, etc.

Matt, Staci & Parker Allen said...

sounds like you had fun at the Zoo! Great idea to get out and do "something" each day! I TRY and do that too & it is hard, because Parker could careless where we go or what we do. BUT...I need to get out at least once a day!

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