Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What a "Fun" Day!

Yesterday turned out to be pretty interesting. I got a call in the morning from Susie. Susie and I were in the same flight attendant class back in the day. This is a picture of us back when were were in class ( 7 years ago!) Shannon, another F/A friend, was having an impromtu lunch, and wanted to know if we could go. I hadn't seen them in quite some time so I was excited to see them. I headed over to Susie's house around noon, and then we were going to follow eachother over to lunch.

Everything seemed to be going great. The kids were doing good, and we were on our way. We had barely left Susie's house when it happened. I heard Sydney making choking noises. I looked back and she was throwing up all over herself. (Sorry if the picture grosses you out) I figured that she had swallowed her water too fast and something made her gag. We turned around and went back to Susie's. We hosed down the carseat, gave Syd a bath, and then we were back on the road. When were were almost there Syd threw up again (but not really much - probably because she didn't have anything to throw up). Then when we were in the restaurant she threw up again - in the bathroom this time! For whatever reason I thought it was a fluke. She didn't seem to act sick, had no fever, but just kept gagging.

On the way home, Sydney fell asleep...and Caden almost did. I was going to stop to pick up something to eat because we didn't get anything at the Sushi place (I don't do fish.) I asked Caden if he wanted to get something. He said "No, Mom...I want to go home and go to sleep. I am tired!" I thought that was strange, but decided to head home. I was just around the corner from our house when Caden proceeded to throw up all over himself.

The rest of the day consisted of Sydney throwing up one other time, and Caden multiple times over the course of many hours. Thankfully he now knows to go for the bowl. Caden actually put himself to bed and they were both in bed since about 5 pm last night. They both woke up occasionaly, but never fully got out of bed. :( My poor kids!

They woke up this morning around 6, and have been laying around. I am afraid to give them anything to eat for fear that they will throw it all up! I hope they get better soon-and pray that I don't get sick too!

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An Ordinary Mom said...

Dealing with throw up is one thing, but dealing with it in the car and out and about is HORRID!

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