Saturday, May 26, 2007

Walking Challenge - Week One

So I have done pretty good so far in the Walking Challenge that I decided to do over at An Iowa Mom's. I try to go to the gym about 5 days a week, and it has been nice to have an extra motivation to make it there. This first week I haven't really seen much change, but we will see as the weeks go by. I will be brave here and actually post my stats. I know some people are self conscious of actually posting their measurements, but I figure "it is what it is!" I don't really care if people think that I am fat or am appalled by my numbers. Oh Well! In the end, I have a wonderful man who loves me no matter what. So drumroll please.....
Weight: 165
Waist: 30
Hips: 40
Thighs: 24
Hopefully we can get some of these numbers down soon! If you want to join in with us, head on over to this post at An Iowa Mom's, and link up. Then all of us can cheer each other on!

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An Ordinary Mom said...

Even if the numbers don't move right away, at least your are blessing your body with exercise. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

you go girl! i'm rootin for ya. i have been wearing this pedometer everyday for a couple weeks now. had no idea how much i was really stepping until wearing this. awareness is good. one of my favorite moments this weekend motorhome camping with our fam was when 16y/o daughter ~A and i played this "catch" game (with fuzzy mitts and ball). we had a riot and laughed and she kept saying things like she was impressed i could catch this and that and save this one, etc. i asked her why and she said cause you know you're old! he he. man, i am only 38! what a great moment with ~A this weekend. priceless!

happy for you that you are doing your goal! take care :) kathleen

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