Monday, May 21, 2007

Dinner...err...Lunch Theatre and Dentistry

On Saturday we had the treat of going to the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. If you haven’t attended a play yet at the Broadway Palm they’re full-scale professional productions with complete sets, lighting and scenery. Along with their 'Broadway' productions in the evening, they have Children's play matinees. If you get a group of 20 or more you can get a discount. Awhile ago my sister, Nancy, started reserving practically the whole front section of the theatre, and then everyone would reserve seats through her with the discount price. We have loved going there, and have watched many good plays. The buffet lunch is okay, but you can't beat the entertainment. It has been a great way to introduce theatre to Caden, and he really looks forward to going each time. If you live here and would like to go to the next performance, Chronicles of Narnia...let me know, and I can hook you up with my sister!

The play this time was "Winnie the Pooh's Birthday Tail." It was Eeorye's birthday, and he had lost his tail. Everyone in the forest pulled together to find it. I loved sitting back and watching Caden as he sat there in awe of the performers. Sydney sat the whole time in Nancy's lap! It really has been a fun thing for our family to go to together.

Afterwards we stood in line to snap some pictures with the performers. As you can see in most of the pictures...Caden is being his usual cooperative self. Shannon, her son Jude, and neice Calli got in some pictures with us too. It was good to see Shannon again.

After we took in pictures, my neice, Maya, was begging me to pull her tooth. You see, I have become the official tooth puller in Nancy's family. I don't know why, but I am. Gaylyn, Nancy's MIL, says that I should have become a dentist! HA! I guess I just have the magic touch because whenever a tooth starts to get loose...they are calling me up! So we went into the bathroom and pulled it out. Here are some pictures of the "big" event! :) At first I didn't think that it was going to come out...there was one part of the tooth that was being very stubborn! I told Maya that I didn't think it was going to come out today, and she started to cry. I felt so bad for her because she wanted it out sooo bad. So we kept trying, and finally it gave it...and we had one happy little girl!

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NspiredByFaith said...

Love the photos! There is a local community college here who puts on some great productions. I love to go watch!

Thank you for nominating my "nudie neighbor" story for Laugh out loud Monday! What a cool honor! I hope you have a great day!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

What great photos, and I love the costumes on those actors ~ how much fun!!

I'll leave the tooth pulling to you ~ loose teeth gross me out, ha! Jacob finally lost his second yesterday; that sucker was hangin' on by a root!

Anonymous said...

hi crissybug, DDS: great pictures. what fun! way neat that they call on you to pull the teeth. i always get called on to remove the bugs because everybody else (including hubby) doesn't want to be near them).

what is laugh out loud monday?

~thanks for sharing the fun night and pics. kathleen :)

PJ said...

Great head lock you had on her :) I have a hard time pulling teeth, my husband does it.
I bet it's your gentleness that helps. You can see it in the picture.

Staci & Matt Allen said...

ummm....I need some blogging lessons from you, because yours is SOOOO professional!!! I don't know how you did all that fancy shmancy stuff...but I LOVE IT! Love the pictures! I'm glad you found my blog!:)

Kylie said...

I LOVE Braodway Palm, it is so fun and nice to have a good theater in MESA!!

Rosie said...

There is always some good in the world. I just pray that I can find it. Peace only comes from our Heavenly Father. Thanks for your concern.

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