Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Beautiful Baby Search

Okay, I know I am biased, but I think that I have pretty cute kids. My best friend Julie called me today to see if she could come over to submit some pictures of Gemma and Tanner (her children) for the Regis and Kelly Show's Beautiful Baby Search. Julie has yet to get the internet (how has she survived?--I think she thinks the same thing :) and didn't know a whole lot on how to format a picture to the right size (100kb) and format (jpg or gif). So she popped on over so I could help her out. By the time we actually got to the computer her wonderful hubbie, Robbie, had already figured things out...but I thought...what the hey... I will submit pictures of Sydney and Caden. What do we have to lose, right? Now Julie and I have facinations of being able to fly together out to New York to be on Regis and Kelly because OF COURSE our children will be in the top five! :) If anything we may see one of our cute faces on TV so set your Tivos and see if our kids get a cameo. Here are the pictures that I submitted...tell me what you think...are they winners?



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An Ordinary Mom said...

I am definitely no Regis and Kelly, but I think your kids are darling! What great shots!

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