Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am this tall!

Just a little fun snippet. At Christmas, Julie & Robbie made us a height chart to use to track our kids. We finally got it hung up and Caden can't get enough of it. He loves to "stand up real tall" and have me mark it. Of course he doesn't change in his height, but loves the fact that I wrote his name on it. Caden is a little taller than 40 inches, and Syd is almost 30 inches. It is really a great thing...nice and sturdy. The best thing about it is IF we ever move (which is very unlikely) we can just take it with us and always have the memories. What a great gift. THANK YOU, Jules & Robbie!!! They made this one themselves, but I know there is one similar you can buy on-line. I will have to get the link from Julie if anyone is interested.

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