Saturday, January 6, 2007

Jesus Wants Me for A Sunbeam!

Well, I am back. Yesterday I got my LASIK done and everything went well. It was a pretty interesting experience. It is amazing that a procedure that takes less than 30 minutes can make it so I can have good eyesight. I rested the majority of the day and by the end of the day I could see almost clearly. When I went in for my post-op they said that I am close to 20/20 vision, and it will only get better. Now I just have to wear these funny goggles whenever I sleep, put drops in my eyes every 30 minutes, and an antibiotic drops about 4 times a day! I also can't wear any eye make-up for 2 weeks. I guess it saves me time when I am getting ready, but I also feel like I just woke up. Overall it has been a pleasant experience, and I am so thankful!!!

This morning Caden had a "Meet your Primary teacher Breakfast." I can not believe that my baby is going to be a SUNBEAM!! We dropped him off at around 8:30 pm they had decorated the gym with footprints. Each class had different colored footprints that they followed to the stage and then the curtains opened to reveal their new teacher. They got to eat breakfast with their class, and do some other things. This has been a little of a challenge for Caden. During the last couple of weeks of December they had all the kids that would be going into primary at the beginning of the year come in for Sharing time and then go back to nursery afterwords. I am glad that they have done this, but Caden is still having a hard time. Whenever I would ask him if he wanted to go to Primary he would say, "I say NO primary!" I think he had a good time at the breakfast, but when his teacher asked him if he was going to come and sit with her in Primary he shook his head "NO." It will be interesting to see how everything goes tomorrow. I am sure he will be fine once he gets used to the routine. Sister Peden, his teacher, even came by tonight and dropped of a note and some candy, and got him a little excited. I am thankful that he has a good teacher...I know that will be really helpful.

Aiden Goodmansen and Caden

The rest of our day was pretty uneventful. We FINALLY took down all of our decorations... and then got ready and went to Shawn's cousin, David Shill, baptism. It was nice to go and support family. We like to go to things, but sometimes don't know about them until after the fact. It was good to go. Caden and Sydney were a little crazy, but at least we were there. I took some pictures of them while they were eating dinner tonight. I started doing Syd's hair in two little ponies on the top of her head. I just thought they were so cute so I had to share.


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