Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Flight Attendant

My sister and I are both flight attendants and she sent this to me the other day. It is actually a commercial for NicoDerm, but anyone who is a flight attendant can relate to this. She is actually doing what we play out in our minds when we are at work. So enjoy...hopefully it will make you laugh as much as I did.

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Fantastic Five said...

That is hilarious! My mom was a flight attendant, and I will have to go to You Tube, and forward it to her.

Jeanie said...

HA,HA! That's funny! I was just on a flight the other day and it was extremely bumpy and scary! We were instructed to wear our seat belts the entire flight, several announcements were made! The woman sitting across from us had her seat belt off the entire flight and was LAYING DOWN across two of the seats! I couldn't believe it! It's amazing how clueless people are sometimes!

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