Thursday, January 11, 2007

Potty Training Saga

You know they say, "A child never goes to Kindergarten in diapers", but I am beginning to wonder if Caden will prove that saying wrong. I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING to help this kid. We had a Potty party, bribed him with candy, got him really "cool" Superman underwear, sticker chart...etc. etc. etc. Yet he continues to not care whether or not he soils himself. I tried only having him wear real underwear, but had my fair share of cleaning poop out of underwear! Then we went to pull-ups...yet they are just like diapers because he doesn't really feel "wet." I don't think that I would be so frustrated except for the fact that I know he KNOWS when he is is a conscious decision not to go to the potty. I remember one time sitting right next to him when he was about to "go." The conversation went a like this:

Me: Caden, do you need to go poo, poo?

Caden: Shhhhh (as he walks over to the other side of the room to finish his business)

This week I have tried to implement some things to help motivate him to want to go in the potty.

  • He now has to "pay" me with a toy when I have to change his "underwear" (pull-ups)

  • I will "pay" him with one of the toys I got when he goes potty in the toilet

  • We went through all of his remaining pull-ups & now all he has left is diapers. He really hates wearing a I am hoping that he would rather go pee-pee in the potty instead of wearing the diaper.

Any more suggestions?

We attempted wearing real underwear for part of the day today. He did okay until later in the evening...this was the result...

I may just have to go through another week of cleaning pee and poop out of his clothes. If it gets him trained it will be worth it. I really would like him trained by February when Shawn and I go on our cruise...I would hate for those watching him having to deal with this!

On a side note, Shawn and I have booked a cruise for our Anniversary in February. It is 7 night Hawaiian Cruise!!! We got a smokin' deal through interline is nice to "work" for an airline. I am so excited, but sad to leave my babies for so long. But it is definitely overdue. We have not gone anywhere alone since Caden was born. We thought we would get this in before we add another one to our crew. I will write more on this later.

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