Wednesday, July 20, 2011

21 days

Facebook and blogs are starting to buzz all about getting ready for school.

I keep reading about my friends who have spent hundreds in school supplies.

I even put a countdown on my phone to remind me....21 days.

This summer has been an interesting one.  We haven't really gone anywhere.  The big reason is because we just had Grayson, and traveling with a newborn can be hard.  Yet, if I would have been a little bit more proactive then I could have planned something and we would have gone.  Instead, nothing was planned, and Shawn's work schedule inevitably filled up...and now our summer is almost at a end.  Although it would have been nice to  go was also nice to just relax and enjoy a summer with no schedule.  The kids spent many days in the pool, and we did lots of other activities. I would like to think they still had fun.

Next summer, I am trying to talk Shawn into going here.  Have any or you been here?  It seems like a great place to go to experience the outdoors without all the work that 'camping' entails.  I am hoping that it works out. I was saying.  School starts in 21 days...and I haven't bought ONE.SINGLE.THING.
No school supplies, no clothes, NOTHING.  I guess I do still have time, but it kinda stresses me to think that I haven't done anything yet.  It is partly because the thought of going shopping with 3 kids and a newborn does not sound appealling in any way shape or form....but I also have yet to get a supply list from the school.  I keep checking their website, and it still hasn't been updated.  I am getting a little bugged.  The last thing I want to do is have to hurry to the store days before school starts just to get what the teacher requests.   Last year they posted one, but when we went to 'Meet the Teacher'...she had a completely different list.

I love their school, but hate the way they do the beginning of the year stuff.  For instance, we don't get to know who their teacher is until 'Meet the Teacher' night (which is the day before school).  I think the reasoning is that they don't want to deal with parents who don't like who their child got, but they are going to have to deal with it anyway.  I think I am going to call them tomorrow atleast to see if they are going to post some sort of supply list for us.

I can't believe a new school year is around the corner.  I am going to miss having the kids around, but at the same time this house needs some structure.  It will be nice to be in a good routine.  Even my little Thomas will be going to pre-school 3 days a week.  I can't believe it.

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tammy said...

I hate it when they won't tell you that kind of stuff until right before school! This is actually the first year in awhile that we've gotten the supply list early. In the past it's been at back-to-school night, and so I've just guessed at the majority but then had to run out to get the rest, only to find some of it already gone at that point. I'd rather be able to take the supplies to back-to-school night, than have the kids have to drag bags of stuff in the first day.

That camp looks fun! We always talk about all these things we should do and places we should go, and then they don't happen if I don't plan them. And you know how much my husband likes to travel on his days off!

stacy said...

i'm not ready for school either. i begged the school on thursday to get me supply lists so that i could shop before the baby came but they didn't feel sorry for me one bit...dumb huh? :)

my fried shawni and her family and in-laws went to aspen groves this summer and they had a BLAST!

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