Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Own Little Curious George

My dear little Thomas,

I would have never thought to have a child that is as silly, and curious as you are.  Not a day goes by where I am not surprised by your different antics.  To some they might get frustrated, but for whatever reason to me, all they do is make me grin and love you more.  (Don't get me wrong...there are times that I do get frustrated)

You are always into everything, and trying to figure out how things work.  We moved Daddy's office downstairs so that we could make room for Grayson.  You are facsinated with the computer, or anything electronic...and lately you have enjoyed 'exploring' on Daddy's computer whenever you get the chance.  I always know if it is quiet, and I don't see you around you are sitting at the desk clicking away.  You don't actually know what you are doing.  I think your mission is just to open as many files as possible.  The other day you got a hold of Daddy's phone, and changed the language to chinese!  How you are able to do these things...I have no idea.

You are also my pickiest eater.  Atleast for anything that is actually good for you.  But if it has sugar, or is complete junk you stuff yourself silly.  I find you trying to 'sneak' things constantly.  Your 'sneakiness' makes me laugh because you will hide things and then come tell me that you did.  Your cute little voice says, "You'll never find it now....hahahaha" (Think, Swiper from Dora).  I laugh, and ask you where you hid it, and you immediately show me exactly where it is. 

You are always quite resourceful.  You climb all over my counters, and up to high places to get what you want.  You really are my little monkey...I never seem to be able to keep you down.  Unfortunately your craziness gets you hurt from time to time.  Yesterday you dropped a stapler on your foot.  Your poor cry was sooo sad.  I just hope that it doesn't take too long to heal. 

You have stopped taking naps, but still really need them time to time.  So instead you resort to falling asleep in some of the most amusing ways.  

I often wonder how I got so lucky to have such a wonderful boy...even if you are a little 'curious' keeps my life interesting.  I am gonna miss having you around 24/7, but at least you get to go to Pre-school with your cousin, Dylan. I love you little man!
Thomas at his first visit to the Dentist.

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tammy said...

He is so cute. His poor little foot! Sometimes I feel like I could fall asleep just like he does.

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