Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random happenings

  • I am one of the primary choristers in my ward.  The Senior Primary chorister and I have been holding a 'summer' choir.  The kids are learning some songs that will be 'special' numbers in the program.  It has been alot of fun, but today the kids were a little crazy.  I think we are all ready for summer to be over. 
  • I got to go to RodWorks for the 2nd time in the past week.  (They tricked me and gave me a coupon to use to get 25% off if I brought in a friend).  I am seriously going to be in so much trouble.  They have lots of cute home decor for great prices.  Being so close is not a good thing...atleast for Shawn.

  • My friend (also my partner in crime for primary music), Jody, has wonderful daughters.  Her girls have helped out with my kiddos all summer while we have been doing this choir.  Megan even watched my kids when we went to RodWorks.  When we came back from our shopping.  I double parked next to Jody's car in the cul-de-sac.  I admit it was dumb...kinda in the middle of the road, but they are at the end of the cul-de-sac, and I was just going to run in and get my kids.  As with everything...my kids took a little bit to get out the door...but I seriously wasn't in there very long.  When I came out....a cop was coming down the street.  He gave me a lecture about how I was breaking 5 different laws (ie. double parking, blocking a fire hydrant, middle of the road...etc.etc.etc.)  I know I shouldn't have parked that way...but really???   Don't they have better things to do? It made me wonder if someone called them.  It wasn't like I was there for hours.  I hate cops.
I know this picture isn't very nice...but I seriously feel like doing this sometimes...oh...if you are a cop, and my friend...I don't mean you....you are nice. :o)
  • I am really liking the 8 week challenge.  It is exactly what I needed at this time in my life.  
  • I brother has been living in Tuscon for the last few years going to school.  He graduated (the day after Grayson was born), and moved back home.  He is living with my sister, Nancy.  Which means that he lives right across the street too.  He randomly stopped by today.  He held Grayson so I could make dinner.  Then he and Nancy joined us.  I love that my sister lives across the street...and it is so great to have Michael home.
  • This is what I made....yummmmmmy.  We made a large bowl of it, and it was gone!  The dressing was the best.  
  • Did I mention that I FINALLY got a smartphone?  Actually Shawn wanted a 4G phone so he finally caved, and used my upgrade to get the Samsung Charge, and gave me his DroidX.  Can I tell you...it has changed.my.life.  I LOVE IT!   I was able to check email, read my blogs, facebook & even do my scripture study all while working out at the gym today.  Seriously the best thing ever!  I used to spend alot of time at the computer just reading crap.  It has saved me so much time, and I feel much more productive.  I know it was hard for Shawn to finally have 2 phones with data plans...but I am so glad.  It is worth every penny!
  • I decided to start reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning.  It has been so interesting this time around.  I have looked at it from a parent's perspective.  It must have been so hard for Lehi to watch, and know that some of his children were making bad choices.  He was such a good man.  It makes me scared as my children grow.  I hope that they have the desire to do what is right.  
  • Pinterest ROCKS!  If you haven't checked it out...you need to.  The best way to organize things you love online.  Since I haven't been on the computer as much lately...my boards are as full as some.  I am hoping they create an app so I can 'pin' things on my phone.  Click here if you want to 'follow' me.  
  • I am loving this boy more and more....

Here is to another '10 point' day! Yay!

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tammy said...

Rod Work's...how I love thee. I just hope they get as much stuff as the Lehi store does. That one is my favorite.

I've been wanting to make that salad too. Thanks for reminding me about it! I save recipes in a file on my computer and then forget to go back and make them.

I hate it when you get a lecture from someone, like a cop, when you normally always do the right thing.

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