Sunday, July 31, 2011


It always amazes me at how two people can create so many different versions of themselves.  The one thing I always anticipate while pregnant is wondering what they will look like.  Now that Grayson is here one of the questions that I get asked alot is who he looks most like. 

I thought I would dig up some old pictures of the kids.  They are all roughly around 2-3 months in these photos.  I think they all have a pretty distinct look, but at the same time you can tell they are siblings. 

Caden - Thanksgiving 2003
Michael & Sydney - Thanksgiving 2005
Thomas - May 2008
Grayson - July 2011
  These are pictures of their first baths....

I am interested to see how Grayson changes in looks over the next few months.  I personally think he looks most like Caden did as a baby, but with all the dark features of Sydney.  To me, Thomas looks the most different of them all. 

What do you think??

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Michelle said...

I think that they are ALL stinkin' cute! That's what I think! Miss you.

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