Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mama Sydney

Have I mentioned how much Sydney loves Grayson?  Well, she absolutely adores him.  It is funny how quickly she got over not getting a sister like she wanted.  She has been a great helper, and is constantly trying to look out for her little brother.

There are times that I would appreciate her not being so helpful.  For instance, the other day I found her trying to change his diaper while still in his carseat.  Oh, and he was poopy.  She holds up a wipey with two itty bitty fingers trying not to touch the poop she had already wiped from his bottom.  It was awesome.  Luckily there wasn't alot of poop & didn't cause a horrendous mess.  Although we did have a talk about where he needs to be changed, and offered to try to teach her how to do it.

She made me laugh when I checked in on them playing 'house' in their room.  She had her doll under her shirt....'eating'.  Luckily, she hasn't tried that on Grayson, but she can't wait to feed him 'real' food.  That will be especially helpful while I try to make dinner. 

It amazes me at how much my little girl is like me.  Not only in looks, but also in personality.  Her love for kids, music, and desire to please mirrors mine as a child.  I look forward to the day when she grows up, and becomes a mother to her own children.  For now, I will enjoy sharing my motherly duties with my little princess who I love and adore.

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2 people know I LOVE comments!:

tammy said...

She does look a lot like you! The picture of them together are so cute. I'm amazed she tried to change a poopy diaper be herself. What a cute girl.

Carina said...

She's so beautiful, and it's great that she loves her little brother so much!

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