Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moments in Time

Two months ago, I was so very uncomfortable. 
I was going in for weekly visits to the chiropractor.
I couldn't bend over.
Everything took so much effort.
I would spend my days caring for my other three children while wondering what the 4th would bring.
I think that is one of the things I love about being pregnant. 
The unknown.
Not knowing what he will look like.
Will he have dark or light hair...brown or blue eyes?
Not knowing weather he will have colic or be a 'good' baby.
Not knowing what his cry will sound like.
The mystery gives me so much to look forward to.
This very well could be my last pregnancy, so I had my dear friend Jamie take some pictures of my prego belly.  I love them.  Even though I am 37 weeks pregnant in them...and HUGE.  I am thankful I took the time to capture this moment in time.  A moment where I was able to help a miracle form, grow, and come into this world.  It truly is something that can't be described.  I am eternally grateful to be so blessed.  

One week and 3 days after Grayson was born we had another photoshoot with my dear friend Robin.  
I LOVE the newborn phase. 
When they are so small and squishy.
We had to make sure to do it before he started plumping up.
I wish that I did this will ALL my kids, but only did it for Thomas and Grayson! (What was I thinking?!) 
I love to be able to bottle up the innocence of this small little window....because really, it doesn't last long.
Looking at this picture helps me to remember the tenderness, and love I have for this little boy. 
How did I get so lucky?
Robin and I had the most fun with this one.  
I still laugh.out.loud EVERYTIME I see it.

Since then, our little Grayson has grown.

His cheeks are now a little fuller.
He is starting to smile, and coo.

The kids are learning to give him (and me) a little space.
(although some times I have to remind them ALOT)

I am just trying to soak in every moment.

I love being a mom...even if they do grow up too fast.

It is sooo worth it.

Grayson's 2 month stats.
11lbs 1oz - 35%
23.5 inches - 73%

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5 people know I LOVE comments!:

Heather said...

You sure make beautiful children! I love his hair and yummy cheeks.

Tawni said...

Those are all sooooo very cute!! LOVE the pregnant pics and newborn pics. I am soo glad I finally got those done with Bowman, and sooo wish I had taken newborn pics with my other kids as well. What a cute baby! LOVE his name too!

tammy said...

Beautiful pics. They do grow up so fast. Glad you're enjoying him.

Matt and Staci said...

haha! I love the "couch potato" picture!!! He is so adorable & I still can't get over how much hair he has!

K said...

Crystal -- your baby is so beautiful! You are so beautiful! Your family is so beautiful!


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