Saturday, July 30, 2011

Little Friends

It is always fun to be pregnant with friends/family at the same time.  It makes for built in friends, and fun memories as they get older.  Grayson was lucky to have a lot of little friends that are around the same age as him. 

Shawn's cousin, Travis even ended up having a baby boy, Kamdyn, exactly one week after Grayson.  Here are the cute ones together on Father's Day. 

In my ward, there must be something in the water because I think by the end of the year well over 20 babies will have been born!  Grayson is so lucky to have so many 'friends' that will be around the same age.  I keep saying that it would be cool to get all of us moms together for a snapshot of all of the cute babies that we had in 2011!

My good friend, Anna, had her baby about a month after me.  Her son, Dallin is Thomas' best friend.  (I seriously can't believe how much they love to be around each other!)  So I am hoping that Quinten and Grayson get along just as well!
Quinten makes Grayson look like a GIANT!!
Thomas, Sydney, Grayson, Jaci, Quinten & Dallin
A few weeks ago we were able to go to a premier of a movie.  Well, a movie that a bunch of young men had made with an old friend who is their leader.  Gina and Steve are some of our dear friends from 'back in the day'...when we were newlyweds.  We have a common love for good entertainment, and movies.  I always know that if Gina recommends a movie or tv show that I will love it just as well.  I miss being able to see them on a regular basis so it was great to go and support Steve and his scouts, and catch up for a bit with Gina.  She also had a baby a few weeks after Grayson.  I couldn't resist getting a picture of Grayson & Quinton together.
 Gina and I also had our first babies about 9 months apart.  It is so crazy that these boys 
Are now these boys!  It is amazing at how fast they grow!
Did I mention that Joron is 9 months OLDER than Caden! Can someone please tell Caden to stop growing!!
Yay for good friends and family!

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Casey said...

Thats so much fun that they all have someone their age to grow up with :) & you will love when they are in high school, so they can all keep an eye on each other :)

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