Saturday, July 23, 2011


When I was pregnant with Thomas we didn't know if he was a boy or girl.  So we had to have both names picked out.  If it was a girl, I had decided Lyla Isabelle.  For the boy name we were trying to choose between William or Thomas.  We gave Caden the choice, and obviously he chose Thomas.  I don't know if it was because he knew of Thomas the Train, but ultimately the name really suits our little guy.  

Who would have known that years later that Thomas would be the one to really be infatuated with trains.  Caden liked trains, but never was fascinated with them like Thomas.  A few months ago, my brother Jimmy, gave us a huge box full of train tracks that he had gotten from a friend.  Jimmy's kids are a little too young for them right instead we have been able to enjoy them.  
This is one of the fun things that the kids will do instead of using their 'time'.   I love seeing what design they come up with.  I wish that I would have taken a picture of each and every one that they have done...because really they are never the same.  They would put one up, and take one down each day...sometimes if it was really big we would let it stay for a few days.  
These are pictures of the same track...they used EVERY SINGLE PIECE, and covered the entire Living Room, Entry, Dining Room, and Hall!
I love the creativity it provides for the kids, and they are always so proud.
This one went all the way down the hall, and into each of their bedrooms.

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tammy said...

That's a lot of track! How fun for them. My brother had a train track growing up, and I loved to play with it too. The more track the better. I had forgotten about that until now.

Abbie said...

We have the same track and Ethan was just like that!

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