Friday, February 15, 2008

I survived!

This was something that I loved seeing tonight! My honey made it home from his long flight from London this evening. It was so great to see him, and I am so thankful he is finally home. It is such a relief to know that I didn't go into labor while he was gone. The kids were so happy to see their Daddy. We ate some dinner and before we knew it, Shawn was crashed out on the couch! Hopefully he will be able to get over the jet lag fast.

We really missed him, but kept ourselves busy. Here is a breakdown of my week.

Monday: In the morning Caden had preschool. After preschool we go to the gym. I get my exercise, and also a break from the kids! Come home, and Sydney goes down for a nap. When she woke up, we went to Costco to grab a few things. We ended up eating dinner there (I wasn't about to go home and cook!)

Tuesday: Preschool, gym, Sydney's nap (this is pretty much our morning routine). Tuesday nights are my Orchestra rehearsals. My Aunt was nice enough to watch my kids so that I could go. Thank you soooo much! The kids had alot of fun.

Wednesday: Preschool, gym, weekly McDonald's playdate with Mel, Sydney's nap...dropped the kids off at Nancy's because I had my Orchestra Concert. After the concert I went out to eat with my buddies. It was great! Thanks for helping me in a pinch, Nance! I know I can always count on you!

Thursday: Helped out with Caden's Preschool Valentines Party. In the past, Caden has always had a hard time when I come into his class. I was happy to say that he did wonderful! He was not clingy at all, and sat with his class! He was so excited to give everyone his Valentines. We had a great time. Melanie was nice enough to watch Sydney so I could go alone to the party. Thank you so much, Mel! Afterwards, I dropped off the kids at Karyn's house for our kid swap. She took care of my kids while I picked up some stuff at Home Depot, got a pedicure, toured the hospital that I will be delivering at, and also went in for my weekly check up. It was so nice. I am glad that we worked it out for her to watch my kids this week. On the way home we picked up some pizza. The kids devoured it, took a bath, and Sydney was in bed by 6:30 pm! HEAVEN!

Friday: I signed up for "Mommy's Lunch" at the gym. I got to drop my kids off at around 11:30 and was free until 2:30. I went and got my haircut (Caden took this pic), and picked up some things at the store. Then I picked up the kids, and we headed home. Before we knew it, Shawn was pulling into our garage. I had called ahead and ordered take-out from Tia Rosa's (yum), and Shawn picked it up on his way home! Yay, another night where I didn't have to cook!

Overall, it really turned out to be a good week. I seemed to be able to get some sort of a break from the kids each day. I hardly cooked, and used paper products for almost everything so I had minimal dishes. I now have pretty toes, and a new haircut all in time to welcome a new baby! Now that Shawn is home...hopefully it will be sooner than later! :)

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Andrea said...

Gosh, your week was busy too!! Good for you still going to the gym. I did that w/ my last one too. It was fun! What gym do you go to? My gym has a kid's lunch hour too. Wonder if it's the same one? Unless lots of gyms are doing that, don't know.

YAY! Your sweet hubby is home!! I bet you feel much better knowing he's home and now it's ok if you go into labor.

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow very productive week. and so fun you got some you time and got all ready to have the baby. i always want a haircut before, so i look decent in the pictures. so glad he made it home and you are good to go with the baby. i hope it is soon too. the suspense. it's killing me. way to go eating out all week and using paper. My hubby is going out of town next week again. and that is my plan. awesome. have a great weekend!

Babystepper said...

Yeah, you made it! (And got a lot accomplished, it sounds like!)

I hate it when my hubby's gone too, but somehow I survive. We're stronger for it, right? I wonder if they would survive a week with us gone. Hmmm.

Within These Walls said...

I'm glad to hear everything went so well! That's so great that Caden did better at his party! Good luck these last few weeks of your pregnancy.

TIFFANY & CO. said...

gotta love dinner at costco!

Webb Family said...

Wow you had a busy week! But, very nice that you didn't have to cook much. I'm glad your hubby got home before you went into labor!

Jessica said...

Oh, I didn't know you were pregnant. I haven't looked at your blog in some time. Congrats! That is very exciting.

KellyAnn said...

It is so nice to be able to have 'mom' time each day. I think it helps us be better moms. You are so cute pregnant. Good luck with it all.

Lucky said...

Amen to paper plates!

During my last pregnancy (she just turned 1) we had to move when I was 8 months pregnant. We used paper products exclusively for over a month! I just couldn't handle dishes on top of a 19 month old, my huge belly and all the boxes.

I hope the rest of your pregnancy and labor go well. I'm a new reader and enjoy your blog.

Abbie said...

You are very blessed to have so many people close that are willing to help when Shawn is gone.

Heather said...

Cute hair and I am sure your pigs are just as cute. Gotta love some pampering before your big day.

Overwhelmed! said...

I'm so glad your husband made it home safe and sound! I'm hoping to do the same tomorrow. :)

Take care!

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