Sunday, October 5, 2008

7 random facts/happenings

I was tagged by Tammy, Andrea & Lindsey to tell 7 random/weird facts about me! I guess that was a subtle way of getting me to post something! :) Since I seemed to take a blogging hiatus the month of September I thought I would cheat a little and use this meme to tell you 7 random things I did while not blogging. But to make things fair, and since I was tagged three times...I will actually do another post in the near future that follows the rules you can look for that in the near future.
The weekend of Labor Day there was a fireworks show at a local church. We have great a great view from our some friends came and joined us. Here is Sydney, Eldon, & Gemma enjoying some creamsicles. (I had to laugh at this photo because Sydney is the oldest, yet also the shortest of the three. I love my little runt. :)
September is always a crazy month because Caden's birthday is on the 13th, and two weeks later is Sydney's birthday on the 29th. We started the birthday festivities early at FHE with the Shawn's family. (We get together on the first Sunday of every month for dinner) I will have more details about their individual birthdays later.

Shawn had a work conference at a ritzy resort across town. They paid for a room so I dropped Caden & Sydney off at Nancy's, and joined Shawn for the evening. I didn't get any pictures of the two of us, but Thomas enjoyed the room. We tried using rollers on Syd's hair for the first time. They ended up falling out on one side of her head, but they sure looked cute when we first put them in. Hopefully we will get them to stay in next time.
My good friend Melanie had her cute baby Madysen! Kim and I got to go visit her in the hospital. It always amazes me at how small newborns are (even though Mel's was almost 10lbs...she was still small). It is a constant reminder at how fast my Thomas is growing!
Betsy, my sis-in-law (Shawn's brothers wife) had her baby 3 weeks early! It was a surprise for us all. Baby Cody got a little sick and had to stay in the hospital for about a week, but is finally home. I can't wait to actually see the cute kid!
On October 1st we celebrated the coming of Halloween by watching a scary movie and eating some chocolate sprinkled donuts. This was a tradition that I got from Nie Nie, and the kids LOVED it! We might change it up a little bit next year, but I think it is a great thing for the family to look forward to each year on the 1st of October.
All I have to say is I am glad that September is over!! I still need to post about Caden & Sydney's birthdays, and I am waaaaaay behind on my blessings...but hopefully I will be back into the swing of things shortly!

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tammy said...

Great catch up! Love all the pics. You are forgiven for falling behind : ). I loved Nie's tradition too. I think we will start that next year.

Mother Goose said...

i loved your pics! and OH MY GOSH!! you are just too cute. congrats to your friend and on the birth of her big baby! moly almost 10 pounds be still my heart!

Within These Walls said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe how big Thomas is getting. I love the October 1st tradition. It sounds so fun!

Tonya said...

The picture of Sydney with curlers in is super cute! Great to learn what you've been up to :)

KellyAnn said...

I love the picture of Thomas!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Enjoyed your 7 things I did while NOT blogging!

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