Friday, October 3, 2008

I Can Breathe!

The month of September brought a whirlwind of events. Many things happened that got me so overwhelmed and preoccupied that I didn't seem to be able to find much time to blog.

The program that I put Caden in for school this year was going great...and then on Labor Day his teacher went into labor and had her baby 4 weeks earlier. That is where my nightmare began. To help explain what happened, here is the copy of the letter that I gave to Caden's teacher when I pulled him from his class yesterday. (Yes, it is harsh, but I can't begin to explain how frustrated I was with the situation.)

I have tried to figure out how to put all of my thoughts into words, but it has been pretty hard. As you know, having Ms. ***** leave so suddenly put us all in shock. We all thought it was great that Ms. ***** (the principal) was able to find a replacement so soon. The first few days were a little hectic...which was to be expected. I thought it would be a short time for things to settle into place, and a routine to be set.

I have to say that I have been disappointed at what this past month has brought us. I am not sure what Ms. ***** (the principal) has told you, but there are many of the parents that are extremely unhappy with what is going on. Many of us leave school frustrated because of the lack of communication. I feel like I have no idea what is actually being taught in the classroom. When I was there to volunteer, and along with others who have been there also, I was disappointed to see no real formal instructions to our children. From our observations it feels as if they are in daycare for 3 hours.

I understand that alot of learning is involved during free play, but I feel that our children need and deserve a more structured environment. I feel that they need more teacher involvement, and more hands on instruction (especially when it comes to writing their letters and numbers). I had to spend almost 2 hours with Caden on his homework last week because he had no idea how to write his numbers. This is something I feel should be taught in the classroom. The homework should be review...not a task that makes my son feel so frustrated because he was not shown how to do it in the first place.

I have been disappointed that there is yet to have been a curriculum packet provided when it has been a whole month since your arrival. I would have thought that one was already made for your other school. (She teaches a YLK class in the mornings at another campus)

Honestly, I have been so frustrated with this whole situation that I am pulling my child out of your class. I feel like he has learned virtually nothing this month, and has actually digressed in areas. I am not alone in this feeling. I actually was fortunate enough to be able to get Caden enrolled in another YLK program and today will be his last day. I know if the other parents had options at least 12 of your students would be going to other schools. Unfortunately, the district has its rules and despite the fact that the majority of the parents would like a replacement, we have been told it isn't possible. Personally, I feel like you should resign from your position. I have recommended to the other parents involved that they go on a rotation to be in your classroom every day in order to make sure the children are getting the education and attention that they deserve.

I am sorry to have to leave under these circumstances, but I had no
choice. I wish you the best in your career.

It appears that she is making some changes, and things may be getting better...but I couldn't sit around and wait for her to get her act together. I feel kinda silly because I did get so obsessed with the whole thing, but for whatever reason I couldn't let it go.

I can't begin to explain how refreshing it was to meet Caden's new teacher on Thursday. I got more information from her in 10 minutes than I have gotten all month from his previous teacher. I walked out of the meeting feeling like I could breathe again!!!

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Aprilyn said...

I'm glad you found a better school. How old is Caden? What is YLK? Marshall is in special ed preschool and we were THRILLED to learn that he will be able to continue through the rest of this school year at least. We get to do more testing later.

Mother Goose said...

i'm glad you found a better school able to fit your needs! i'm public again.

Andrea said...

WOW that must have been a really hard decision for you guys! So sorry you had to go thru that frustration! Hope his new teacher will work out much better for him {and you}!

Doster Dorks said...

Could you write a letter to my sister and tell her I don't want to watch her 7 month old baby who crys non stop (no joke) anymore?!

I don't blame you. I actually had the same problem with my daughters kindergarten teacher - but I had a spy go in and observe her sit her in the corner for the whole day and do nothing. It made me so mad!!

Becca said...

Good for you! I love my son's school and can't imagine what I'd do if it was as bad as your!!

Tonya said...

Good for you standing up for your son and his education. I can't imagine how frustrating that would be fortunately I've never had to deal with in my kids 5 years (preschool through 2nd) of school so far. But I'm glad you can breathe again!

sherry said...

It wasn't really an option to wait it out and see if she got better. If parents didn't start leaving, what would have forced her to change? You know how she reacted to your concern. Like the parents just didn't understand! She would have gone on her merry little lazy way. Caden will love his new school.

Patrice said...

I am glad for you, too. I obviously already knew all this, but can see the change in you as you finally knew what to do and made the hard choice! Great job!

Suzanne said...

Good for you!!!! It's hard to stand up for what you feel is right sometimes but he is YOUR Son after all and you know what is best for him. Good luck with the new teacher.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Good for you for standing up for what you believe in in a diplomatic and civil manner. It is so important for us to be good advocates for our kids.

KellyAnn said...

Those first years of school are SOOOO important. I think you were an awesome mom to look out for your son. I hope things go better for him in his new school.

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