Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wanna Come?

Hey Ladies! Have you seen these

These are the newest craze...Scentsy Warmers! They are fabulous! They make your house smell pretty without the fuss of lighting wicks!

Also, What do you think of these?

Are they not some of the cutest things ever!?

If you are here in AZ...Come play with us!

Julie and I are having a little party.
Thursday, October 16
@ 7-8:30pm

All this fun stuff will be there. You can check out Heartfelt Expression's for more of the fabulous vinyl stuff that Heather has to offer. The stuff is so cute...AND affordable (the little beauties above are only $10-$15!!!)

******Casey (the scentsy consultant) just called Julie to let her know that there will be a FREE door prize! It will include a warmer & 3 scents (Welcome Home, Pumpkin Roll & Winter Wonderland)*******
E-mail me at crissybug at gmail dot com or leave a comment if you are interested in coming, and I will get you all the info! I hope to see you there!

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7 people know I LOVE comments!:

Kristi said...

OMG, Scentsy warmers are awesome!!!! I've been using them for about 6 months now and they rock!! Love the halloween decor too. Too cute.

Rosie said...

My cousin is a demonstrator for Scentsy. She is actually doing very well with them. I considered it but decided that I can't have anything else going on!

My favorite scent are sugar cookie, cinnamon and clove and a new one--peach cobbler?

Fun stuff!

I have two warmers. One is there darling shabby chic? one. Their new ones are so beautiful. They are really getting designs for any decor!

Kim said...

Where is it going to be at? I want to go and hope that I can if there is nothing going on.

Mother Goose said...

i love them! those earthy warm colors are right up my alley!

Tiff said...

I love Scentsy Warmers. I have one in my living room. I wish i lived in AZ that is some cute stuff!

lindsey said...

i love those scentsy...i need some refills. i hope i can make it ;)

Casey said...

Yay! I hope we will have a great time tomorrow!! :) I LOVE this time of year! & the warm, fall scents just make it complete!

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