Monday, October 13, 2008


On the 13th of September our Caden turned 5!

He had his very first 'friend only' birthday party.
I hadn't seen him so excited about a party ever.

The Superheroes all had a wonderful time

The following day the family got together for more cake and ice cream.

He ended up with a new bike, and a whole bunch of new goodies.

Then on the 29th of September our little Sydney celebrated her 3rd Birthday.

I still can't believe that this little girl is 3.
It has all passed by in such a blur.
She is a true princess in every shape and form.
Since Caden got a bike for his birthday...we had to get one for Sydney too.
Whenever we asked what she wanted all she would say is 'a bicycle!'
After gifts we blew out the candles on her Ariel cake.
She couldn't have been any happier!

Having birthdays so close together make things pretty crazy. I think we are going to have to start implementing a rotation so that I am not having to do double birthdays every year.
Do you have a big birthday party every year for your kids? Or only on certain years?

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Amy said...

How fun! Your kiddos are so cute. Good party planning. They look like their in heaven.

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Wow, that is crazy having two birthdays so close, my two oldest have theirs 10 days apart and it is crazy and expensive. We need to get Katherine and Sydney together sometime, I bet they would have fun.

Aprilyn said...

I've been doing low-key birthday parties every year. Marshall's birthday is Oct. 24th and he will be four. Then mine is the next day but we never really celebrate it. Nathan's is November 17th and he'll be 10. I don't do a huge party. Last year for Nathan's 9th, I did a space theme since he LOVES Astronomy. He got to invite his very best friends and we had a few games. I loved the decorations I made but my cake was a total flop. I've never really done a big birthday bash for Marshall because he just doesn't care. This year, he has made a lot of new friends so I'm really not sure who to invite. I'm thinking of having it be boys only since and have it be a Thomas party. He loves his trains!

Lis Garrett said...

CUTE invitations!!

Bridget was three in July, but Sydney looks so much older than she does. I wonder why??

Hannah and Bridget both have July birthdays, mine is in September, and then Jacob's is in October. So for a few months, it's all about birthdays here! We don't ever really go all out, we just can't afford to. But I think we do a pretty good just of making each kid feel special on his or her special day. :-)

Marquita said...

Happy Birthday To Caden & Sydney! Kids grow up sooo fast! I can't stand it! My little Rosy will be 2 next month. It's killing me!

Tonya said...

Those are cool invitations and looks like they had a blast at their birthdays. I still haven't posted party pictures from Peanut's birthday a month ago but you've given me some motivation! We'll see. Also those pictures of the kids coloring all over themselves...classic!

Patrice said...

I need a lesson on how to make those cute invitations!

Mother Goose said...

Love the pictures and the birthday celebrations! so much fun to be had!! So, they are both born in September. Guess, you and hubz really know how to bring in the NEW YEAR! ::grins::

Karyn Olson said...

Looks like Buzz is gonna steal the cake! I just might have to steal that picture! :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Looks like 3 great parties!

Casey said...

I Love Love Love the invites! You did a great job! & The cakes look soo yummy! Kids grow up way to fast!

Katie said...

what fun bday parties! i love the invites you made! so cute!

Half A Dozen said...

The invites turned out great, and it looks like everyone had so much fun.

As for birthdays- we have slowly evolved to this....we give them a choice at age 5 to have party with friends or presents with mom and dad. After that we will do parties at 8, 16, and 19.

Reed is approaching 3 in December and I am going to keep a family only affair, and know that he would be perfectly ok with this. With Emma and Brigham it is a bit harder to get them to convert to the family only things, and hence the choice. Emma's 7th is coming up and we will keep it family only this year, at her 8th I will give her the option.

All this aside- I make a huge deal out of their birthday- the big thing being they get a birthday dinner- whatever their favorite meal is, I will make it, followed by ice cream and cake.

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