Friday, April 27, 2007

Girls Night Out

Last year the Relief Society in my ward had a Women's Retreat they called "Just Breathe." I went last year and had a lot of fun, but I brought Sydney because she was still nursing at the time. When I found out that they were going to do it again this year I was so excited! This year I wouldn't have to have Sydney and I could truly "Just Breathe." The excitement soon fizzled when I found out the dates. They had originally set it for April 21-22, but moved it to April 27-28. I was so bummed! We were already set to have a baby shower for my sister on the unless I wanted to wake up and leave the retreat at 8 or 9 am on Saturday, I was not going. There were some people willing to leave early with me, but I felt it would not be worth it to drive 2 1/2 hours to have to turn around early to come home.

Instead there were a few other girls in the ward that had little kiddos that that didn't want to leave overnight so we got together and went out for a "Girls Night." We went out to eat at a Mexican joint called Serrano's. They have the best bean dip ever! It was nice to sit, eat, and get to know these girls a bit better. Shawn and I try to go out on a date regularly, but I don't think that I get 'girl' time quite often. There is something different when you are just around each other.

We laughed, and talked about all sorts of stuff. I think that we all mesh pretty well, and each have something different to bring to the table. After we ate we went by Nielson's Frozen Custard for a yummy dessert. We ate our treat, and continued to gab for few more hours. Conversation was easy, and I had such a good time. I think that we may do this on a more regular basis. We thought that we could go to dinner and then do something fun afterward. My sister used to do these regularly, some of the things we did were: ice skating, bowling, karaoke, painting pottery. Do you have any fun ideas of things to do with 'just the girls'?

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Rosie said...

I think that we need to encourage female friendships. I know that I desperately need them. I would love for someone besides me to initiate lunch. I guess that I just better do it! I like the Just Breathe idea!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Girls Night Out is a must have for every woman! And you don't even have to do much. Just getting together to gab, eat and play a game is such a blast.

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