Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saturday Easter Breakfast

Today was another crazy day. It was my job again to plan an activity for my entire congregation. We have an annual Easter Breakfast and Egg hunt. This was my first time doing it. We eat outside, have no decorations, no program...simple, right? WRONG!

I thought this would be a piece of cake. We had people sign up to bring milk, OJ, and fruit salad. We were providing eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, & homemade buttermilk syrup (yum). I had bought all the stuff we needed earlier in the week, and my comittee planned on being down at the church by 7am. We would start cooking the food by 7:30 and the event was supposed to start by 8 am.

I thought I had everything covered, but things didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked. What we didn't realize that the previous Activities Comittee chairman had used alot of her own stuff. We had to make a few phone calls, run around like chickens with our head cut off, and do alot of stressing, but in the end everything worked out fine. I think when you are in the thick of the situation you magnify the problems, and shortfalls of your planning when in reality it isn't so bad. I am just thankful that I have a great committee that help me out so much! I don't know what I would do without them.
After the breakfast we had an Easter Egg hunt...of course the big hit with the kids. I had forgotten my camera, but our friends took some pictures for us. (Thanx) This was Sydney's first time. I don't think she really understood the point, but loved the fact there was candy inside the eggs.
Whew! I am just glad it is over and I don't have another activity to plan until July!

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kailani said...

Things always seem to work out in the end. Glad the kids had such a wonderful egg hunt!

Babystepper said...

Looks like you guys had a great Easter. Quite a haul they made!

An Ordinary Mom said...

The big activity that I am planning is in a couple of weeks and I will be so relieved when it is over. I can plan events, but I just don't like being in charge. I am more the show up and enjoy kind of person :)!!

Kim P. said...

You only said that you are thankful for your committee cause you know that I could read this. Tell everyone the truth. HA HA I am also glad that day is over. Next year will be better.

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