Sunday, April 22, 2007


Reconnection seems to be the resounding theme for our family this year! It seems like our old friendships are coming out of the woodwork. Yesterday was one of those days. One of Shawn's friends from High School was in town for a wedding so a few of us got together for a Shindig at our house.
I had met Jocelyn briefly at a wedding reception a few years ago, but since she lived out of state, we haven't seen her much. It was great to find out that her family was going to be in town, and I was excited to meet the rest of the bunch.

Caden is so fun to watch when people come over. I don't think a child can get any more excited than him. He had fun meeting Jocelyn's 3 girls, and playing with his usual Kent & Mallory. We managed to get all the kids together for a brief moment and took some pictures. My stubborn Caden refused to smile. That darn kid definitely beats to his own drum! If you try to tell him to do something he does the exact opposite! You can see how much he was determined not to smile in these series of photographs (that first one was taken before I told him to smile).

The crowd of friends wasn't as big as usual (we usually have some sort of get together over the holidays when everyone is in town and that makes for a big party), but it was nice for a change. We were able to sit and catch up on everyone's lives, and reminisce about the past. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we had a great time.

I find it fun to meet Shawn's old friends and getting to know them better. Even though they weren't really my friends growing up, it helps me to see a little different part of Shawn that I didn't know. That is the great thing about reconnecting, it kinda brings to life that part of you that you sometimes have forgot about. For me High School was a great time. I don't ever want to go back, but I have many great memories from that time of my life. Over the years I have been able to catch up with some old friends and it was great. It brings alive that time of my youth (not that I am really old or anything) but when I had less cares and just wanted to have fun.

My ten year reunion is coming up this October. I am really excited to be able to go, and see my old friends. I have tried to keep in touch with many of my close friends over the years, but we have been so busy we haven't got together in years (besides Julie & Robbie who I see regularly). After yesterday it makes me want to plan some shindig for my friends before the hopes that Shawn won't be too bored because he will feel like he knows somebody. As of right now I don't think he is too excited to go to my reunion. How has your spouse reacted when you have your reunions?

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Kailani said...

That's great that you're going to your reunion. I've never gone to a single one. I figure I still see the friends that really matter. Hope you have fun!

An Island Life

Christine said...

Caden reminds me of Josh. He'd smile when he wanted, which wasn't often.
I love reunions family or school, it's nice to reconnect with old friends and catch up with everyone and see where their lives have taken them and where they are going.
Have fun!

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