Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day! *late*

We started out early in the morning when Sydney woke up at 6:30. I wanted to wait for Caden to wake up so that he could help me make breakfast for Dad. He ended up not waking up until 7:30 am. I had to rush to try to finish breakfast before Shawn had to leave for his meetings @ 8 am. He ended up having to scarf it all down, and was a little late for his meeting...sorry hun.

I got him the book A Mormon in the White House. I think that he will really enjoy it. He saw it at Deseret Book a while back, and really wanted it...but didn't want to pay full price. I found it on for alot less, and was so excited to get it for him. Shawn doesn't read a whole lot of books, but loves politics and has been really interested in Mitt Romney's campaign.

Later in the evening we went and made our rounds. I made these cute things for all of our "Grandpa's" for Father's day. I found this set of stickers that looked like labels for food, but had everything to do with grandpa's. I thought they were pretty funny, and everyone got a kick out of them. Then I used Photoshop to make the front label for the jar. I think in the end they turned out pretty well. I tried to get a good picture of the kids with the jars, but as you can tell...they were not cooperating. :) Sydney was too interested in trying to stuff her face with a banana. Oh Well!

I really feel like my kids are so blessed. I grew up with no grandpa's because they had both died before I was born. I always wished that I had one. When I married Shawn, it was so great to meet his grandparents, and I have really grown fond of them. My children are lucky enough to have 3 grandpa's and 1 great-grandpa. I have loved watching them with each of them and know that they love them all sooo much.
They are also lucky to have one great Daddy. Shawn really is a great father. My heart melts every day when Shawn drives into the garage. I watch as my kids excitedly greet him, and can't wait to jump into his arms. They adore him, and love to be in his company. I hope that he knows that we love and appreciate all that he does for us.
So to all those great boys out there. I hope you had a wonderful Father's day.

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Kylie said...

Such a cute post! Your kids are lucky to have 2 great parents!!

An Iowa Mom said...

Love the jars!

An Ordinary Mom said...

You are so creative! We had a great Father's Day!

Nanette & Robert Brinton said...

I LOVE the jars you made for Father's Day! Where in the world did you find those stickers? SO CUTE & CREATIVE! Way to make the cutest Father's Day gift ever!

kailani said...

Happy Father's Day to all the men in your life!

An Island Life

Jason said...

I'm halfway through with the book myself ("A Mormon in the Whitehouse"). With a lot of bigotous comments regarding Mitt Romney's faith in the news recently it's good to read a book by a "non-member" that paints such a good picture of what a person of Mitt Romney's character could do for the country serving as president.

Shawn and I will have to create a book club to sit around and discuss it ;)

Karyn Olson said...

You best be inviting Justin if you have a book club and talk politics - esp. mitt romney. and me. i admit i've gotten very very political since being married to justin (i still don't know the "words" of politics but justin assures me that will come with time... he tells me i need to listen to talk radio and i will learn how to talk about politics without sounding like an idiot (no - he didn't tell me i sound like an idiot, i decided it myself...)

and crystal, i am like you. i didn't know either of my grandpas (they died before i was born). it is fun to watch my dad and justin's dad and see how wonderful grandpas are!!!

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