Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What is Your Favorite Quote?

I have been lurking on this fairly new project called Woman to Woman. It is hosted by My Many Colored Days and Morning Glory. They create a topic and on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday woman bloggers everywhere post on that subject. I have enjoyed reading others insights on things, but have yet to actually put in my two cents. This week they asked:

"Share an Important quote and what it means to you."

I have come across many quotes in my short lifetime, but there has always been on quote that has stood out for me.
"Every person God puts into our lives, Every Experience that He gives us, Is the perfect preparation for the Future only He can see."
I can still remember the day that I read it. I was a sophomore in high school, and was going through some tough times. At that point in my life I was really struggling with the direction that my life was going. Home life was hard, and I was just trying to gain some footing in my new life as a high school student. I had gone over to my Aunt's house to try to clear my head, and spend some time with my cousins. Right beside their front door, hung this quote...it was exactly what I needed to hear, and is now ingrained in my mind.

It helps me to realize that all the trials, and things that happen in my life really do have a purpose. It doesn't really make them any easier, but it helps me to have a different perspective as to why some things are happening. As I look back on my life, and see many trials that I faced...there are many that NOW I understand, but didn't at the time. It helps me to be stronger because I know that whatever "experience" He is giving me is going to help me someday.

The other aspect of this quote that has changed my perspective is "Every person God puts into our lives." I now look at people in such a different way. It doesn't matter how small the acquaintance...they have come in contact with me for a reason. There is something that I must learn from them. It gives me a little bit more patience when I encounter someone in who I do not mesh well. Everyone comes from a different background, and can teach you something.

More than anything this quote gives me a feeling of peace because it shows me that God is aware of me and my life. He knows me better than I know myself, and is doing his best to take care of me. Just like I am trying to be the best mother to my children by making them do things that they sometimes don't want to do. My Heavenly Father is doing the same. I know without trials in my life...I would not be the same person. They make me who I am. I am thankful that I have a Heavenly Father who is not afraid to help me grow.

To read other insightful quotes head on over to My Many Colored Days. If you decide to participate...Let me know! I would love to collect some more wonderful quotes!

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ellen b said...

God is so good to us and He gives us what we need for the moment. I'm glad He gave you this quote and that you are still learning from it. Also glad you shared it! Blessings...
BTW: It's my first time chiming in too.

Mama's Moon said...

It's difficult at times to take that in; during the heat of the craziness it's all I can do to wonder why things are happening the way they are in my life. But, you're absolutely right, there is a reason for it and it's up to us to recognize that, and learn from it. Being in a new neighborhood now I need to remember what you've just said in order to help me understand and be more open to those around me.

Thanks for the insight!

Bowman Family said...

Crystal, Thanks for sharing that! I am copying it down to my list of favorites! I love your thoughts and insights!
Thanks so much!
Meg :-)

Barb said...

That's truly a great quote, Chrissybug. Could anything be more true?

Thank you for your sweet comment and I wanted to assure you your name is in the favor giveaway hat.


An Ordinary Mom said...

This has always been one of my favorites, too, for the exact same reason! I am glad you decided to join in this week.

Lana G! said...

Great quote. So true that He knows us better than we know ourselves - he also knows what's the best for us. It is so hard to remember that sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

Lei said...

isn't it amazing how some words just become part of you; stay with you? thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Montserrat said...

What a great quote! Hindsight is twenty-twenty so its easier to see why certain things happen. Keeping it all perspective now, while life is happening, is the hard part.

Nice post for your first Woman to Woman!

Christine said...

Crissy, that is a great quote. I was just talking to a friend last night about exactly this. Very good insight, especially the Lord knows us better than we know ourselves. Doesn't get any truer than that!
Thanks for sharing this great quote.

Tigersue said...

What a great quote. It is interesting the think that because of the internet, and this topic, our circle increases in a way it never would have before.

Gran - (Angela) said...

Your quote and thoughts speak Volumes! Thank you for joining in today. Have a wonderful evening!

randi said...

I think it is neat that you have held onto that quote for so long. It is very inspiring, for sure!

Morning Glory said...

I was really hoping that the topic this week would bring out some new participants, and it has. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts with us. I don't necessarily like the trials, but when I get on the other side of the experience, I realize how much I've learned. God is always faithful to us.

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