Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Blogroll

In an attempt to declog my side bar I decided to make a post with all of my daily reads. I will put a single link that will bring you here in the future. So here they are! Please let me know if I left you out or if you would like to be added...I don't want any hurt feelings!

People I Know

The Arnell Family - Paul & Tristan
Ashley Whiting-THE BLOG - Chad & Ashley (my cousin)
Bethea Bunch - Jason & April
Ben & Kim Prince
Bowman Family Blog - Jay & Meg
The Brinton Bunch - Robert & Nanette
The Brinton Crew - Robbie & Julie (They finally got a blog! Yay!)
Care{y}t-tops - Jon & Carey
Chris and Katie Prince
The Clan Macnab - Sherry & Wendell
Come Blog With Me - My Aunt Sheri
Dean & Kemra
Doster Dorks - Aaron & Sarah
The Earl Family Post - Dan & Crystal
The Evans Family - Carl and Starla
The Farr Family - Ryan & Kim
The Glover Gang - David & Kylie
Growing Up Smith Clan - Cory and Sandy
The Gunnell Family - Heather & Phil
The Halverson's - Trevor & Lori (my cousin)
Hep and Happy - Jason Olson
Joyful Life - Jonathan & Samantha
KARYN - Justin & Karyn
Kiera's Blog - Craig & Kiera
The Lamont Family - Drew & Jessica
The Layton Family - Brian & Katie
Live.Laugh.Love - Will & Melanie
Melzerville - Ryan & Kathryn
Miss Niss - Nathan & Anissa
Mighty Mighty Rudds - Tait & Bethany
My Life...in a Nutshell - Mike & Casey
Nielsen Noise - Mike & Rhiannon
The Palenske Family - Mark & Abbie
Palmer Family Post - Jason & Sara
The Pettit's - Troy & Christina
The Rogers Family - Micah & Cami
Sensational Six - "Doc & Cricket"
The Skinner Scene - Cameron & Amanda
The Smith's - Steve & Jenny (my cousin)
These Are a Few of My Favorite Things - Ty & Dina (my SIL)
These Little Moments - Andy & Charli
Treasured Moments - Trevor & Brandi
The Wagenman's - Joel & Lisa
The Whiting Family - Artie & Amber (my cousin)
The Whittle's - Curtis & Maranda
The Willis Family - Max & Kim
Washington Olson's - Jason & Jen
Wannabecrafter - Sam & Katie

Bloggin' Buddies - (Blogs I love to read, but have never met the person in real life)

5 Minutes for Mom
An Iowa Mom
An Island Life
An Ordinary Mom
Are We There Yet?
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
Crazy Bloggin Canuck
Daring Young Mom
Gardenview Cottage
I Believe In Miracles
It's a Wonderful Life
Just All in a Day
Love, Laughter & Laundry
Melissa Garrett~a writers woolgatherings
Mental Tesserae
Munchkins, tinyfootsteps, little voices...Big Stories to Tell!!
My Little Corner of Chaos
Organizing Junkie
Overwhelmed With Joy
Rarely Home Mom
So Grateful to be Mormon
The Dickinson's
The Hatch Batch
The Lazy Organizer
The Wooden Porch
Truly Delightful in Every Way!?! aka - Crazy Mama of 6!
Within These Walls
Wild Daisies
Woodard Family

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5 people know I LOVE comments!:

An Ordinary Mom said...

What an honor :) !!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

This is a GREAT idea!! My blogroll takes up so much space. I just might have to do the same ;-)

Anonymous said...

i feel so honored to be included in your list! you made me smile, crystal!

hey, did your package arrive yet? hope you and the kids like!

~happy Sabbath, kathleen :)

Alex and Ashleigh said...

Oh, add me too!

Courtney said...

Hey Crystal! I love this idea!!! I am going to risk sounding like a dork, and ask you how can I put links in my posts because I have no clur how, and I would love to do something like this on my blog. Can you please help me?!

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