Monday, June 11, 2007

Swim Time

Last year Caden took lessons from a girl that lives around the corner. This year I forgot to get him signed up, and her classes filled up. So instead I enrolled them with the public schools. Yesterday was their first day. As if I didn't already know that Caden and Sydney are polar opposites...this solidified it.

Caden is old enough that he was able to go in a class of his own. I sat and watched as he refused to participate. Since this was the first day they were real easy on them. They played some fun games, and tried to get Caden to blow bubbles in the water. He would have nothing to do with it. He is as stubborn as they come. He hates being told what to do, and in fact will try to do the opposite. I hope that he gets better as the days go by.

Sydney was a whole different story. Since she is only 21 months, I have to take the class with her. She absolutely loved it! She was laughing the whole time. She made bubbles, kicked, and didn't even cry when I put her under the water. It was so fun to see her having so much fun. The instructors got a kick at watching her.

It still amazes me at how different their personalities are. People always say that no two children are alike, but I never thought that they would be as diverse as they are. It makes me fear what I will have to deal with as Caden gets older. I sure hope that he realizes that I am just trying to help him become a responsible, independent adult!

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PJ said...

My two oldest are as different as their hair..blond and Brunette. It was difficult when they were really young, but now that they are 9 and 7 they balance each other out nicely. They are very close to one another, but very different.

Babystepper said...

I can't tell you how much your Sydney reminds me of my Mim. They look so much alike and are almost exactly the same age.

Caden sounds a little like Zaya, too.

kailani said...

That's why when people blame parents for the way their children turn out, I don't think it's completely fair. You can raise your kids exactly the same way but they sometimes turn out so different from each other.

Anonymous said...

hi crystal: your moments with sydney sounded totally adorable and fun. i can almost see her making the instructors feel joy.

i can relate about the day with caden. our teens/girls, it seems, can never BOTH be happy/pleasant at the same time. usually every day, one of them has some kind of drama. it will pass. we have told them since they were little tykes that we just want them to grow up and become positive contributors to society (you know, not takers).

~it'll work out. take care this night, kathleen :)

Bowman Family said...

Long time no see! I can't believe how much Sydney looks like you!
I haven't heard from Jenny Dick in a few years now. I see her mom occasionally at the temple or at DB, but it's been a while.
I have to laugh about Caden in the pool. There is a little boy in Jayne's swim class that is the same - he does the exact opposite of what they tell him to do. Jayne obeys out of fear. She is so scared of the water and she knows that listening to the teachers will save her life. It's kindof cute.
I am glad you found me! We have to keep in touch!
Love ya!
Meg :-)

KatieJ said...

Your kids are so cute- Sydney is so fun to watch at swimming! I hope Caden is getting more comfortable in the water~

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