Thursday, June 7, 2007


Caden got to go the dentist yesterday. He had gone one other time around the time he had turned three, but they didn't really do a whole lot. This time they did a complete cleaning. I was so proud of him because he did such a good job at keeping still, and doing what they had asked. I had debated whether or not to take him to my cousin who is a dentist (and who Shawn & I go to...he is fantastic!), but ended up taking him to a pediatric dentist office.

I figured that Dentist's can be intimidating anyway, and I want him to have a pleasant experience when he goes. They do a really great job. Their waiting office is set up like a train depot, and there are train tracks all along the ceiling. The light above the chair has clouds on it, and they gave Caden sunglasses to wear while they were working on his teeth.

They said that Caden's teeth look great. He has no cavities. This is a good thing considering that I don't do the best job at making sure they get brushed everyday. I just doesn't always happen. He does have a crossbite because his top part of his jaw is narrower than the bottom. We don't have to worry about that now, but when his permanent teeth start to come in we will have to keep our eye on it. Thankfully we have an orthodontist in the family.

Do you take your kids to a regular Dentist or to a Pediatric Dentist...and why?

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Fantastic Five said...

My father-inlaw is a dentist so the kids see him every year. Once they start getting teeth in he will look at their mouth at home and then when they are about 3 or 4 years old he has them go to the dental office for a check-up. He likes to ease them into the dental chair, and says by that age they are old enough to hold still and not be so afraid. Plus who wants to be afraid of grandpa. ;)

Mom Tu-Tu said...

My kids go to a pediatric dentist. Part of my reason is because my daughter is going to have to have some major dental work done in a couple of weeks and the pediatric dentist will give her anesthesia, whereas the regular dentist wanted me to bring her back ten times and just give her numbing shots each time!

Christine said...

The kids were scared at first, but after they had their teeth cleaned,they had fun and want to know when they can go back.

Cute photo of Caden, he's got his my teeth are clean smile on! :)

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