Monday, February 19, 2007

I Confess...

Okay, okay...I admit it. I am not the best housekeeper in the world. I will be getting no awards or accolades. I am more likely to be featured in the next Clean Sweep of a person who is organizationally challenged. Shawn likes to think that I spend all of my time in front of the computer instead of cleaning. hee hee. That is not the case...I just have a 3 & 1 year old that make cleaning house a joy. Sometimes I wonder why I even try!

Anyway, I am now trying to get my house in order before we leave on our cruise. It has opened my eyes as to what I really need to clean. There are so many things that I want to do, but don't know if I will have the time. I just keep imagining that the people that will be watching Caden at our house will think we are so unorganized and yucky. So I have a new found determination to clean up my house! Occasionally I jump on the FlyLady bus, and today is one of those days.

Today is what she calls Weekly Home Blessing Hour. You are supposed to do the following things all in one hour...spending 15 minutes on each task. I don't know if I will get them all done in an hour, but hopefully I can get them all done by the end of the day. It really seems like I should be able to get them all done, but for some reason it takes me much longer than just an hour.

· Cull/Toss old magazines
· Change sheets
· Empty all trash
· Vacuum
· Mop/Sweep Kitchen and Bathroom Floors
· Clean mirrors and doors
· Dust

Then I am going to figure out what I want to do for Tackle it Tuesday tomorrow. Shawn thought my last weeks "tackle" was not really a tackle because it was just picking up the playroom. Yes, it wasn't as big as my first one, but it still took some work! He wants me to do our storage room...I want to too, but don't know if that will be the one tomorrow...stay tuned!

I am off to clean!

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An Ordinary Mom said...

Good luck "flying" today. Remember it is all about the baby steps. Sometimes when I start to get overwhelmed with all I have to do, I take a moment and do a brainstorm purge. I write down anything and everything that comes to mind that I have to do and then I prioritize what needs to get done first. Many times by the end of the day I have only crossed a few things off my list, but I feel much calmer and I am more at peace with me and my life.

Babystepper said...

You remind me that I need to jump back on my FlyLady wagon myself. I do well for a while, but then life gets in the way and I have to start all over. I've got kids the age of yours too, and boy are they messy!!!!!

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